The nightmare facing Venezuelan tourists still stranded in Spain

Seven months on since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 200 visitors from Venezuela remain trapped in the country, with many surviving thanks to the kindness of strangers


The immigrants who built a fruit empire in Spain

The no-frills business of selling fresh produce has provided a direct route to prosperity for people who came to the country with very little. A Moroccan family, three Chinese friends and a Bangladeshi entrepreneur are now leading the sector in Madrid


Busking for Bizum: Coronavirus pandemic sees street artists swap cash for card payments

Madrileños are increasingly opting to use digital money in the ‘new normality,’ a trend that also applies for the musicians on the corners of the capital


The 12 days of ‘Operation Bug’ – The Madrid region’s disastrous plan to save its senior residences

Based on documents, messages and audio recordings, EL PAÍS has reconstructed how the regional government put the lives of elderly care home residents in the hands of an inexperienced company chief during the peak of the coronavirus crisis in Spain


Spain reports 156 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours and 32 deaths in a week

The Spanish Health Ministry has still not updated the total number of victims, which stands at 27,136 for the fifth day running


Scandal over Covid-19 deaths at Madrid nursing homes sparks fierce political row

Regional and central government officials have warned of legal consequences after EL PAÍS revealed that internal protocols excluded some coronavirus patients from hospital admission


Madrid chief warned against refusing hospital aid to care home residents: ‘They’ll die in undignified conditions’

In internal emails seen by EL PAÍS, the head of social policy said that the decision to deny certain coronavirus patients medical attention would have “serious legal consequences”


Screens between tables and sanitary welcome kits: How Spain’s tourism industry is preparing for life after lockdown

One luxury hotel in Madrid plans to tests guests for the coronavirus, while restaurant owners in the southern province of Cádiz say they do not know whether they will survive the fallout from the crisis


‘I’m a radiologist, but here I’m just the house cleaner’

Hundreds of foreign doctors and nurses in Spain are eager to help fight the coronavirus, but are unable to contribute because they lack the necessary paperwork


Coronavirus crisis in Madrid’s senior homes: “If he gets infected, no one will do anything to help him”

EL PAÍS has received numerous emails and phone calls about the critical situation facing the elderly in residencies, from the shortage of staff to ambulances refusing to transfer patients


At least 19 dead at Madrid senior home due to a coronavirus outbreak

More people are probably going to die, says a healthcare source familiar with the situation at the center


How price hikes in Lavapiés are changing one of Madrid’s most popular ‘barrios’

The neighborhood is undergoing a gentifrication process, forcing out many Asian and African immigrants who have made their home here


No visits or Christmas outings: The plight of seniors in Madrid’s nursing homes

The records in 11 residences in Madrid show that only 15% had anyone come to see them in summer and only 1% received a feel-good gift on King’s Day


In Madrid, investors eye tenants who still pay just €7 a month

Despite soaring rent prices, there are still a few lucky residents on old Franco-era contracts. Real estate trusts are buying these properties as they wait for the occupants to pass away


Why Venezuelans from all generations are flocking to Madrid

No other influx of immigrants has been this intense in Spain’s recent history, with more than 20,000 people from Venezuela arriving every year since 2018


Greta Thunberg: “People are suffering and dying from the climate emergency today”

The Swedish campaigner uses her celebrity status to draw attention to other young activists at the UN summit in Madrid

Spain’s ageing population

When the cost of senior care means selling up the family home

Many relatives in the Madrid region are struggling to pay for nursing homes for their parents, with the average price nearly as high as €2,000 a month


Medication found near body of Spanish skier Blanca Fernández Ochoa

A massive search for the 1992 Olympic bronze medalist came to a tragic end on Wednesday, when the 56-year-old’s corpse was located in the Sierra de Madrid mountains


Missing Olympic skier Blanca Fernández Ochoa found dead in Madrid mountains

The search operation for the 1992 bronze medalist was the biggest ever rolled out in the region


The “Tinder-style” app that reveals how flat-sharing is no longer just for millennials

Whether it’s to supplement their pensions, combat the effect of rising rents or simply for an adventure, seniors are opting to seek roommates, according to data from the Badi service


Madrid’s “hottest street”: 72 bars packed into one kilometer

One out of every two commercial premises on Ponzano is either a drinks or food venue. Visitors love it, but local residents are desperate for solutions to the constant noise and crowds


Chinese, the new ‘in’ language at Madrid’s private schools

Mandarin is being taught at 89 centers while parents take on Chinese au pairs and send their children to summer camps in China to learn ‘the language of the future’


Why a medical convention could be more profitable for Madrid than the Champions League final

The annual congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology is expected to bring 200,000 overnight stays and generate around €65 million


How Madrid became the battleground for a raging street-poster war

An unknown company is sabotaging advertising for artists such as Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny with signs accusing the event organizer of fraud


For residents of Madrid’s city center, trendiness is offset by industrial levels of noise

Some homeowners in the Malasaña neighborhood have sound meters showing alarming exposure to decibels, due mostly to the vibrant nightlife. Now they are campaigning to make their homes more livable


How a Spanish neo-Nazi became an international ‘hero’ of the far right

Josué Estébanez is considered a cult figure by extremists, including the New Zealand mosque shooter, for killing a left-wing activist on the Madrid subway in 2007

Living in Spain

What is causing the steady exodus of children from downtown Madrid?

Families with kids continue to abandon the heart of the capital as prices rise along with tourist numbers