Dakhla: the departure point for migrants to Spain’s Canary Islands

EL PAÍS travels to this coastal town in Western Sahara where groups of people await their chance to make the journey, despite surveillance by Morocco


Growing migrant crisis in Canary Islands pushes Spanish government to action

Madrid promises more facilities, deportations and diplomatic efforts to stem the surge, while regional leaders warn about the risk of political profit for the far right


Spain rejects EU migration plan for not including relocation quotas

Madrid feels that the project designed by the Commission could place an even heavier load on frontline countries


‘I’m a radiologist, but here I’m just the house cleaner’

Hundreds of foreign doctors and nurses in Spain are eager to help fight the coronavirus, but are unable to contribute because they lack the necessary paperwork


Spain tops EU for asylum requests due to influx from Latin America

Over 3,500 applications are filed each week, with nationals from Venezuela and Colombia heading the list


Spain’s coalition government clashes over immigration crackdown

The Interior Ministry's announcement of tougher requirements for asylum seekers has upset Unidas Podemos, which argues the policy goes against the governing deal


No water, toilets or electricity: Life in Spain’s shameful shanty town

EL PAÍS visits the makeshift camp in Lepe, in Huelva province, described by UN expert Philip Alston as having among the worst conditions in the world

Who are the young people protesting in Barcelona?

Five youngsters who took part in the demonstrations in the Catalan capital explain what brought them to the streets, citing reasons that go far beyond support for the independence movement


Spanish government reduces irregular immigration by half

Spain is no longer the main Mediterranean route for undocumented migrants, with arrivals falling from 64,298 in 2018 to 24,159 this year


Why migrant workers are wanted in Spain’s most depopulated area

Businesses in Soria say Spaniards are not willing to work in the northern province and are calling on authorities to make it easier to hire undocumented foreigners


In Spain, summer surveillance triggers alerts for returning jihadists

Authorities identified 46 suspected foreign terrorist fighters, but were unable to detain them


Irregular migrant arrivals in Spain fall by 39%

Morocco has played a key role in curbing the flow of people, making it harder and more expensive to reach Spanish territory


France says it is acting to solve ‘Open Arms’ migrant crisis

Interior ministry confirms contact with Brussels to find safe port for Spanish rescue ship with 151 aboard


Three migrants allowed off Spanish rescue ship as conditions onboard worsen

Brussels says it cannot mediate until a member state makes a formal coordination petition


EU Parliament chief urges help for migrants on Spanish rescue ship ‘Open Arms’

David Sassoli has called on Jean-Claude Juncker to find a solution for the 121 people on board the boat, which has been denied entry by Italy and Malta


Spanish rescue ship carrying over 120 migrants calls for safe port

Authorities in Valencia and Catalonia have asked the government for permission to allow ‘Open Arms’ to dock


The underage migrants who changed Spain’s repatriation policy

A surge in complaints has led to more guarantees for the minors, but there is renewed political support for sending them back


Spain will give Morocco €30 million to curb irregular immigration

The funding is on top of the €140 million the EU has pledged to provide the North African country


Crew member from Brazilian president’s plane detained in Seville with 39 kilos of cocaine

The man, who was traveling on the backup aircraft used by President Jair Bolsonaro, was carrying the drugs in packages contained in his hand luggage


A year after the ‘Aquarius’ sea rescue operation, migrants rebuild lives

Over a period of six months, Spain took in 1,000 people who were stranded in the Mediterranean while other EU countries turned them away. These are some of their stories


Ceuta: Vox’s anti-immigration message makes gains in a city that is 40% Muslim

The far-right party is taking advantage of tension over undocumented migrants and unemployment to attract voters in the Spanish exclave in North Africa ahead of the local election on May 26


Nearly half of migrants who arrive in Spain via Africa report violence on the journey

According to a study by the International Organization for Migration, Morocco is the country where immigrants suffer the most

Migration crisis

Rescue ship says Spain is blocking its bid to aid refugees in Greece

A vessel operated by an NGO is trying to deliver humanitarian relief to Lesbos, but Spanish authorities say it needs a new permit despite having one from Portugal


Foreign students in Spain left in limbo by bureaucratic backlog

Processing delays in residency permit renewals have seen bank accounts closed, and are causing problems for those who want to travel to or from their home countries


Spain and Morocco reach deal to curb irregular migration flows

Sea rescue services will be able to return some migrants to Moroccan ports instead of taking them to Spanish ones


Only one in four asylum requests are being accepted in Spain

Germany received nearly three times as many applications last year and granted protection to 50% of them, according to the Spanish Refugee Support Commission


Spain rejects French-German plan to tackle Mediterranean migration crisis

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska expressed veiled criticism for Italy and Malta – who would benefit most from the initiative – for not doing their part