Madrid asks central government for help amid chaotic handling of coronavirus crisis

Deputy premier calls on PM Pedro Sánchez to “actively get involved,” and the latter suggests a face-to-face meeting with the regional leader


Spain drafts bill against remaining legacy of Franco era

The new law will offer citizenship to the descendants of members of the International Brigades, who fought on the republican side during the civil war


PP chief says he won’t do deal with government on budget, renewal of institutions

Pablo Casado says he will not give the coalition support while the PSOE continues to govern with junior partner Unidas Podemos


Spain’s prime minister plays down crisis with coalition partner over upcoming budget

Speaking on the Cadena SER radio network, Pedro Sánchez committed to a financial plan “that incorporates the governing agreement with Unidas Podemos”


Spain’s business elite turns out to hear PM’s call for ‘a new political climate’

Pedro Sánchez tells heads of corporate giants such as Santander, Inditex and Telefónica that government stability is assured despite a split among coalition partners over the budget


Spanish PM offers regions their own state of alarm if needed, plus 2,000 members of the military for contact tracing

Appearing on Tuesday before reporters for the first time since his summer break, Pedro Sánchez described the “progress of the coronavirus curve” in Spain as “worrying”


Despite opposition calls, Spanish government leaves coronavirus crisis in hands of the regions

The Popular Party in Madrid wants the Socialist Party-Unidas Podemos administration to take charge of issues such as the reopening of schools, but the administration points out that the group demanded its powers be returned under the state of alarm


Spanish government ups security measures over concerns for safety of ministers

Podemos politicians Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero have been subjected to four months of harassment outside their home in Madrid, and this week were forced to cut short their vacation


Spain to get €140 billion from historic EU coronavirus recovery fund

The country becomes the second biggest recipient of aid after Italy, and €72.2 billion will take the form of grants that do not have to be repaid


The winners and losers from Sunday’s elections in Galicia and the Basque Country

The polls may have been regional, but they will have wide-reaching consequences on the national arena for groups such as the Socialists, the Popular Party and Unidas Podemos


Italian and Spanish PMs meet in Madrid ahead of EU recovery fund summit

The two countries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic have a shared interest in overcoming resistance by member states who want to hand out loans rather than grants


Spain reopens border with Portugal after three-month closure due to coronavirus

The move comes after the EU began to reopen its borders to 14 countries that have been approved by member states


Spain plans €150 billion of public investment as part of coronavirus recovery effort

The draft of the plan, to which EL PAÍS has had access, sets out a long list of structural reforms as well as support for the country’s ailing tourism sector


Prime minister calls for ‘patriotism’ from opposition as Spain rebuilds in wake of coronavirus

In a televised address today, Pedro Sánchez appealed for ‘unity’ among political parties ‘to achieve reconstruction’


Spain’s guaranteed minimum income scheme will reach 255,000 people by June 26, says PM

During a televised address today, Pedro Sánchez criticized cuts made to Spain’s regional healthcare systems, but defended how the system had coped during the coronavirus crisis


Face masks will still be obligatory in Spain after the state of alarm

A draft decree being prepared by the government includes fines of up to €100 for people who do not wear the face coverings in closed public spaces


Spain adopts conservative attitude to restarting European travel

Most European Union states want to lift restrictions at internal borders by June 15, but Madrid is insisting on July 1


Spain backtracks on minister’s claim about reopening land borders with Portugal and France

Two hours after Tourism chief Reyes Maroto announced that the travel restrictions would be lifted in just over two weeks, a press release clarified that the planned date remains July 1


Spain considering reopening soccer stadiums to public before July 19

Health authorities say they are evaluating the risk of allowing open matches once all regions have passed into Phase 3 of the coronavirus deescalation plan


Prime Minister Sánchez seeks final extension to state of alarm in Congress

The emergency measure is expected to be extended until June 21 thanks to the support of Ciudadanos and the Basque Nationalist Party


Spain’s PM puts final stage of coronavirus deescalation in hands of the regions

During a televised address on Sunday afternoon, Pedro Sánchez said that the last period of the state of alarm “would be different, lighter”


Spanish government secures support for sixth and final extension to state of alarm

Deal with the Basque Nationalist Party and the Catalan Republican Left will ensure that the executive’s emergency powers for dealing with the coronavirus crisis remain in place until June 21


As Italy prepares to open borders to tourists, Spain opts for caution

Sources from the Spanish government say the prime minister is not willing to risk a new spike in coronavirus infections by reviving international tourism prematurely


Madrid region and Barcelona to remain in Phase 0, but with some coronavirus restrictions eased

The entire Valencia region is transitioning to a looser lockdown, while a few Spanish islands are moving ahead to Phase 2


Spain’s Congress of Deputies approves fourth extension to state of alarm

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez secured last-minute support from opposition groups to prolong emergency powers to combat the coronavirus crisis


Spain’s prime minister gears up for fight to extend state of alarm

Political opposition to the emergency powers is mounting ahead of a congressional vote on Wednesday


Spanish government will avoid setting dates for deescalation measures

The “Plan for the Transition toward a new normality” will instead set out phases and the changes that each step involves. PM Sánchez is due to present the details at a press conference