Growing migrant crisis in Canary Islands pushes Spanish government to action

Madrid promises more facilities, deportations and diplomatic efforts to stem the surge, while regional leaders warn about the risk of political profit for the far right


Spanish government refuses a region’s request for home confinement

Asturias, in northern Spain, will instead close all non-essential businesses from Wednesday in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus


Spain’s PM agrees to more congressional oversight during state of alarm

Pedro Sánchez will appear regularly before parliament in exchange for support for a six-month extension to the emergency measure


Spain planning tax hikes for highest earners as part of expansive budget

The minority government's blueprint allocates a record €239.8 billion to public investment to overcome the coronavirus crisis


Spanish prime minister approves new state of alarm with plans to keep it in place until May

The new decree gives regional governments the option to prohibit travel in and out of their territories unless it is justified, as well as imposing an obligatory nationwide curfew between 11pm and 6am


Spanish government planning a new state of alarm that will last for many weeks

The Cabinet is due to meet on Sunday morning to approve the emergency measure, which counts on the backing of the majority of the regions to give them a legal framework for coronavirus restrictions


Andalusia, Valencia announce curfews to curb coronavirus transmission

After a meeting of health authorities failed to produce an agreement on nationwide restrictions, Spanish regions are taking the initiative to limit nighttime activity


Several Spanish regions to propose curfew as country battles coronavirus surge

Valencia, Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha are in favor of nighttime confinements, but Madrid’s position remains unclear


At no-confidence debate, Spain’s PM urges opposition PP “not to fall into the abyss of the far right”

Vox leader Santiago Abascal launched blistering attacks against the coalition government, calling it “social-communist,” “criminal” and “illegitimate,” among other epithets


Spanish government considering nationwide state of alarm to implement a curfew

Health Minister Salvador Illa today confirmed the possibility was being studied, but stressed it would require the support of the regions and opposition parties such as the PP


With state of alarm set to end in Madrid, government looks for new ways to control coronavirus spread

The central administration is seeking an agreement on Covid-19 restrictions with all of the regions before the emergency measure expires on Saturday


Spain defends its judicial reform plans despite warning from Brussels

Government says reducing the required majority to name members of the CGPJ legal watchdog will help unblock stalled appointments, but EU cautions against a risk of ‘politicization’


PM to hold a Cabinet meeting to declare state of alarm in Madrid

The move comes after Pedro Sánchez gave the regional premier an ultimatum: if she does not implement coronavirus measures, the government will act unilaterally


Spain’s PM mulls state of alarm for the Madrid region

Pedro Sánchez said he would like to reach an agreement with regional authorities and assured that the latter's powers will be respected


Spanish PM predicts creation of 800,000 jobs over next three years thanks to European recovery fund

The Socialist Party’s Pedro Sánchez today laid out details of how some of the €140 billion that is due to be disbursed to Spain by the EU will be invested and managed


Spain raises spending ceiling by over 50% to deal with coronavirus fallout

The central executive makes allowances for greater expenditure, but warns that the economy will contract by around 11.2% this year due to the crisis


Spain seeking to boost international image amid coronavirus crisis

The Foreign Ministry wants to use the country’s diversity as a selling point to improve its global reputation, which has been damaged by the pandemic


Government intervention of Madrid looms as region refuses to adopt stricter coronavirus measures

The Socialist Party administration of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is seeking a way to intervene in the region, which has the worst infection rates in Europe


Spanish government pressures Madrid to take tougher action against Covid-19 epidemic

The central executive is trying to get regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso to leave more decisions in the hands of her health team


Spanish PM meets Madrid chief over Covid-19 measures, warns of ‘very tough weeks ahead’

The face-to-face between Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Díaz Ayuso signaled a thaw in months of frosty relations as both leaders insisted on the need for coordinated action against soaring transmission in the region


Madrid asks central government for help amid chaotic handling of coronavirus crisis

Deputy premier calls on PM Pedro Sánchez to “actively get involved,” and the latter suggests a face-to-face meeting with the regional leader


Spain drafts bill against remaining legacy of Franco era

The new law will offer citizenship to the descendants of members of the International Brigades, who fought on the republican side during the civil war


PP chief says he won’t do deal with government on budget, renewal of institutions

Pablo Casado says he will not give the coalition support while the PSOE continues to govern with junior partner Unidas Podemos


Spain’s prime minister plays down crisis with coalition partner over upcoming budget

Speaking on the Cadena SER radio network, Pedro Sánchez committed to a financial plan “that incorporates the governing agreement with Unidas Podemos”


Spain’s business elite turns out to hear PM’s call for ‘a new political climate’

Pedro Sánchez tells heads of corporate giants such as Santander, Inditex and Telefónica that government stability is assured despite a split among coalition partners over the budget


Spanish PM offers regions their own state of alarm if needed, plus 2,000 members of the military for contact tracing

Appearing on Tuesday before reporters for the first time since his summer break, Pedro Sánchez described the “progress of the coronavirus curve” in Spain as “worrying”


Despite opposition calls, Spanish government leaves coronavirus crisis in hands of the regions

The Popular Party in Madrid wants the Socialist Party-Unidas Podemos administration to take charge of issues such as the reopening of schools, but the administration points out that the group demanded its powers be returned under the state of alarm