Spain’s latest ‘Ecce Homo’: how a botched restoration made global headlines

What was once the face of a shepherdess has been completely disfigured, with the figure now drawing comparisons to Donald Trump


Catalonia’s bars and restaurants to remain closed 10 more days

With most of Spain experiencing a new surge in coronavirus cases, authorities in Burgos are urging residents to self-isolate


Cantabria confines all municipalities while Murcia, Galicia close bars and restaurants

The regions announced the new coronavirus measures ahead of a meeting of healthcare chiefs and the Health Ministry


Castilla y León orders closure of all bars and restaurants in bid to curb coronavirus surge

The new measures, which will go into effect on Friday, come amid concerns the Spanish region’s hospitals may be pushed to breaking point if contagions are not contained


Spanish government refuses a region’s request for home confinement

Asturias, in northern Spain, will instead close all non-essential businesses from Wednesday in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus


Spain heads toward another state of alarm

Eight regions and Melilla have already called on the government to implement the emergency measure, which will not necessarily involve a lockdown like the one in the spring. The regions would, however, have greater powers to limit mobility in a bid to curb coronavirus infections


More than 5.2 million Spaniards are now under coronavirus mobility restrictions

Experts warn that the public should expect a cycle of these confinements, and that infection rates will remain high unless there is a repeat of March’s strict lockdown


Coronavirus outbreak at Bilbao hospital worsens, with five new infections and 37 total cases

The Basque Country authorities are investigating another possible spike in Gipuzkoa and are preparing measures to avoid contagion among visitors


Madrid, Basque city close schools as coronavirus continues spread in Spain

The number of people infected doubled in the Madrid region in just 24 hours, with the nationwide count reaching 1,236 by Monday evening and the total death toll 30


Spain reports three coronavirus deaths as infections continue to climb

Demand for face masks is skyrocketing and hospitals have introduced security measures due to theft of protective gear


Why college graduates are leaving Spain’s deserted interior for Madrid

Faced with limited job opportunities, more and more young Spaniards are moving from their hometowns to find work in the capital


Raising the bar: Why Spanish villages are fighting to keep their locals open

In places like Villalbarba, where there are only 132 people, residents say there would be no social life if they could not come together for a coffee or a game of bingo


Remembering Lourdes: British ambassador learns of long-lost friend’s passing

The Spanish woman, who generously offered Hugh Elliott food and shelter 35 years ago, died from multiple sclerosis in 1997