Spain’s former king Juan Carlos targeted by new investigation

Supreme Court prosecutors will take over a probe reported to involve credit cards used by the ex-monarch after stepping down from the throne in 2014


The US elections and global governance

The presidential race is important, but it won’t change things all by itself. The world needs institutions that are able to control inequality, poverty, environmental destruction and war


Castilla y León orders closure of all bars and restaurants in bid to curb coronavirus surge

The new measures, which will go into effect on Friday, come amid concerns the Spanish region’s hospitals may be pushed to breaking point if contagions are not contained


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 3, 2020


The political economy of Trump

The United States can protect itself against turbulence, but doing so against a great recession is a lot more difficult, and that is the danger if the Democrats get to the White House but fail to win the Senate


Spanish experts and authorities remain divided on home lockdown

Asturias believes the measure will ease the pressure on hospitals, but epidemiologists and the Health Ministry argue it is better to wait and assess the impact of the current coronavirus restrictions


Hispanic voters could be key in Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania

Latinos have become the most important minority in the US this year, and winning their votes in a few key states could deliver victory


Spain sets new weekend record for coronavirus cases, fatalities in the second wave

Monday’s Health Ministry report included 55,019 new infections and added 379 victims to the overall death toll