Spain’s Supreme Court confirms convictions in Gürtel graft case

Justices ratified criminal penalties against 29 members of the corrupt network and upheld the civil liability of the Popular Party


Spanish Supreme Court bars Catalan premier from public office for disobedience

The decision means that Quim Torra will have to step down from his position, paving the way for a new institutional crisis in Catalonia


Ex-Catalan premier Jordi Pujol and entire family facing trial over suspect fortune

A court says there is enough evidence to try the one-time regional chief, his wife and their seven children for taking bribes in exchange for government contracts and other favors


Spain has no plans for new lockdown despite fresh Covid-19 outbreaks

But government says it could resort to emergency powers again if spikes in infections are not controlled


Supreme Court prosecutors to investigate Spain’s emeritus king over kickback scheme

The probe will focus on Juan Carlos‘s connection to suspected payments made in exchange for the contract to build the AVE high-speed rail link to Mecca


Spain sees new drop in daily coronavirus deaths, but total exceeds 15,000

A month after the outbreak began, the country is still struggling to find a reliable way to count the victims


Coronavirus deaths in Madrid for second half of March could exceed official figures by 3,000

Deputy regional premier admits that as many as 3,479 of the people who died last month inside the region’s senior centers showed symptoms but were never counted as official victims of Covid-19


Catalan premier refuses to comply with Supreme Court decision to strip him of seat

The Barcelona Electoral Commission has given the regional parliament 48 hours to name a replacement, but Quim Torra says he will not step down


Solicitor general’s office calls for jailed Catalan politician to be allowed to serve as MEP

The legal representation of the Spanish state has, however, stated that the immunity granted to Oriol Junqueras by the European Parliament should be suspended as soon as possible


Ousted Catalan premier calls for European arrest order to be dropped

Carles Puigdemont, who is in self-imposed exile, believes the Supreme Court has an “obligation” to shelve the case against him because he enjoys immunity as an elected MEP


Spanish Congress prepares for possible end-of-year investiture vote

As the Socialist Party and Catalan Republican Left get closer to a deal to get Pedro Sánchez sworn back into office, lawmakers are asked to stay near Madrid in case they need to rush back from holidays


Catalan separatists who fled Spain prepare to deal with impending arrest warrants

Toni Comín, Lluís Puig and Clara Ponsatí have been living in Belgium and Scotland since late 2017, but say they will hand themselves over to authorities once they receive summons


Judge reactivates European warrant for Carles Puigdemont’s arrest

In the wake of today’s ruling, the Supreme Court is seeking to persuade Belgium to hand the former Catalan premier over to the Spanish authorities to face trial


Supreme Court finds jailed Catalan secession leaders guilty of sedition

None of the defendants has been convicted of the most serious charge, rebellion, but most are still facing prison terms ranging from nine to 13 years. Those who will serve jail time are eligible for a semi-open regime, a decision that will now be made by penitentiary authorities in Catalonia


Franco’s grandson avoids prison time over alleged police chase

Francisco Franco Martínez-Bordiú was convicted of a traffic incident during which a shotgun was pointed at two civil guards, but the case was quashed and will not be appealed


Supreme Court authorizes immediate exhumation of Francisco Franco

A ruling made public today removes the final obstacles in the way of the transfer of the former Spanish dictator’s remains, and rejects appeals filed by his grandchildren


Spain’s Supreme Court rules in favor of exhumation of Francisco Franco

The judges examining the appeal by the former dictator’s family have decided that his remains should be taken to the Pardo cemetery, where his wife is buried


Spanish government ready to exhume Franco’s remains if Supreme Court gives the green light

If the six judges approve the move at today’s ruling, the body of the former dictator could be removed from the Valley of the Fallen monument before the general election on November 10


Supreme Court raises convictions in “Wolf-Pack” sexual assault case to 15 years

The five members of “La Manada,” as the group of friends is known, have been found guilty by the judges of rape, and not the lesser charge of sexual abuse


Catalan separatist denied permission to take seat in European Parliament

Supreme Court said that letting Oriol Junqueras leave prison before a verdict is handed down in the recently concluded trial poses a risk, as it would mean letting him go to Brussels


Catalan separatists call for “political solution” to crisis on last day of trial

The 12 leaders charged for their role in the 2017 secession bid insisted that their only aim was to give Catalans a chance to express themselves through a referendum


Catalan separatist trial: Defense says prosecutors are “twisting” the facts

Ex-parliament speaker and civil society leader are being criminalized for exercising their constitutional rights, say attorneys in closing arguments at the Spanish Supreme Court


Defense at Catalan separatist trial admits there was disobedience

In closing arguments, lawyers for independence leaders accepted the lesser charge but denied accusations of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds


Prosecutor in Catalan secession trial calls 2017 events a “coup d’état”

In closing arguments today, the prosecution in the Supreme Court case sought to prove the pro-independence leaders had committed rebellion and not the lesser offense of sedition


Prosecutors uphold prison requests for Catalan separatist leaders

Oriol Junqueras faces 25 years in jail for his involvement in the 2017 secession drive after four months of hearings that did not alter the legal teams’ positions


Spanish court lets newly elected Catalan lawmakers leave jail to take office

But all five, who are on trial for the 2017 secession bid, must return to prison after the opening sessions of parliament on May 21

spanish elections

Jailed Catalan deputies-elect call for their release, trial to be suspended

Five of the politicians in court for their roles in the 2017 pro-independence drive won seats in Congress and the Senate at the general election, but are still being held in custody