Catalan premier tells BBC that Madrid is blocking coronavirus lockdown in his region

Criticized by government officials for “misrepresenting the truth,” Quim Torra later said his words had been poorly translated

Catalan premier calls for central government to help isolate entire region

“We believe that we have to anticipate a very fast evolution of the disease in our country,” says Quim Torra in televised address on Friday night

Jailed Catalan politician released from prison to teach class at a Barcelona university

Oriol Junqueras, of the Catalan Republican Left party, is currently serving a 13-year sentence for his role in the 2017 independence drive

Catalan talks start with three hours of “therapy” about the origins of the crisis

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and regional premier Quim Torra were present at the first negotiations on the future of the region this Wednesday

Russian spy detected in Catalonia accused of poisoning Bulgarian arms dealer

General Denis Sergeev, who is linked to the elite military group Unit 29155, is being investigated by Spain’s High Court for two visits he made to Barcelona ahead of the illegal referendum on Catalan independence

Spanish PM, opposition chief hold meeting but find no common ground

Pedro Sánchez needs the support of Popular Party leader Pablo Casado if he is to make changes to several key institutions, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court

Separatist lawmaker sparks row with remarks about people who “don’t seem to be Catalan”

Anna Erra, the mayor of Vic, issued an apology after receiving a flood of criticism from the opposition

Spanish PM meets with Catalan premier ahead of talks on region’s future

“Dialogue is the path,” says Pedro Sánchez after a 90-minute encounter with Quim Torra in Barcelona

King Felipe VI in parliament: “Spain must be for everyone”

In a speech to open the new political term, the monarch calls on parties to restore the people’s trust in the institutions

Spanish PM backtracks on postponing talks with Catalan government

Pedro Sánchez has been pressured into accepting the dialogue before the regional election in Catalonia

Prime minister puts talks with Catalan premier on hold until after elections

The central government has committed to talks with politicians in Catalonia to discuss the future of the northeastern region within Spain

Catalan premier announces snap election amid dispute over role as deputy

In a surprise institutional statement, Quim Torra said the date will not be set until the regional budget is passed in parliament

Jailed Catalan leader speaks in parliament on Article 155: “It did nothing to stop us”

Oriol Junqueras, who is serving a 13-year sentence for his role in the 2017 breakaway bid, appeared at an investigation commission into the suspension of the Catalan government’s regional powers

Catalan premier challenges regional parliament by refusing to give up seat despite ban

Quim Torra got his Together for Catalonia party to abstain from the day’s voting after the speaker warned him that his own vote would not be counted

Civil Guard colonel slams actions of Mossos chief during Catalan independence drive

Diego Pérez de los Cobos tells court he would have removed Josep Lluís Trapero from his role as head of the regional police force for his leadership in 2017

Catalan premier refuses to comply with Supreme Court decision to strip him of seat

The Barcelona Electoral Commission has given the regional parliament 48 hours to name a replacement, but Quim Torra says he will not step down

Ex-Mossos chief seeks to distance himself from Catalan independence leaders

This week saw the start of the High Court trial of four figures connected to the regional police involved in the events of 2017

Former Mossos chief seeks to distance himself from Catalan independence leaders

This week saw the start of the High Court trial of four figures from the regional police force involved in the events of 2017

Who is who in the latest trial covering the 2017 Catalan independence drive

The four defendants in this new court case related to the secessionist challenge include Josep Lluís Trapero, the then-head of the Mossos d’Esquadra regional police force

Spanish prime minister announces date of meeting with Catalan premier

In his first interview since being sworn back into office, Pedro Sánchez said he would see Quim Torra in February, and promised to have a new budget passed by summer

European Parliament begins procedure that could strip Catalan MEPs of immunity

Carles Puigdemont and Toni Comín will be open to extradition to Spain depending on a vote by the chamber, but would not lose their seats until convicted of an offense

Spain’s Foreign Ministry approves reopening of Catalan ‘embassies’

The move marks a change in strategy on the part of the central government, and comes after dialogue between Madrid and Barcelona over the relevant decrees

Catalan premier promises elections if he is removed from his role

Quim Torra is awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on an appeal against his ban from public office, which was handed down after he was found guilty of disobedience

PM announces pension hike, defends prosecutor general pick after first Cabinet meeting

Speaking to reporters, Pedro Sánchez said that he now has “no reservations” about the leader of his coalition partner Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, despite statements he made last year

European Parliament withdraws deputy status from jailed Catalan politician

While former colleagues Carles Puigdemont and Toni Comín will be able to take their seats in Strasbourg today, Oriol Junqueras will remain in custody based on a Supreme Court ruling

Spain’s Supreme Court rejects freeze on decision to strip Catalan premier of lawmaker credentials

Quim Torra is expected to continue serving as regional premier while magistrates consider his appeal against a ruling that bans him from public office for 18 months

Supreme Court blocks jailed Catalan leader’s bid to take seat in European Parliament

Magistrates have ruled that the 13-year jail sentence handed down to Oriol Junqueras of the Catalan Republican Left means he is barred from serving as an MEP