Spain’s new education law hampered by lack of consensus

Congress on Thursday approved a bill that the political right has vowed to fight tooth and nail, in a replay of the discord triggered by seven earlier reforms


Spain’s Popular Party only willing to support an eight-week state of alarm

PP chief Pablo Casado says his group is willing to back the emergency measure on the condition that it lasts for a shorter period and that legal alternative to it is prepared by December


Echoes of Franco as Spain’s far right tells PM his government is ‘worst in 80 years’

The remarks by Vox leader Santiago Abascal in Congress reminded many lawmakers of an old phrase uttered by regime nostalgics about life being better under the dictatorship


PP chief says he won’t do deal with government on budget, renewal of institutions

Pablo Casado says he will not give the coalition support while the PSOE continues to govern with junior partner Unidas Podemos


Spanish PM refuses to reveal whereabouts of emeritus king Juan Carlos

Pedro Sánchez says it is up to the Royal Household and not the government to inform the public of the location of the former monarch


Spanish Cabinet approves decree for ‘new normality’ after coronavirus state of alarm ends

The new rules, which will be in place until the government considers that the coronavirus crisis is over, include the obligatory use of face masks and prevention measures in the workplace


Prime Minister Sánchez seeks final extension to state of alarm in Congress

The emergency measure is expected to be extended until June 21 thanks to the support of Ciudadanos and the Basque Nationalist Party


Spain passes decree aimed at combatting standstill in justice system due to coronavirus crisis

Minority government secures backing for a plan to streamline procedures after lockdown creates a mounting backlog of cases


Spain’s Congress of Deputies approves fourth extension to state of alarm

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez secured last-minute support from opposition groups to prolong emergency powers to combat the coronavirus crisis


Spanish government proposes new national pact for coronavirus recovery effort

After overnight deaths reach a new peak, the executive is also considering extending the state of alarm until April 26


The Spanish politicians in coronavirus quarantine

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has affected a large number of former and current public officials, forcing regional leaders and ministers to work in isolation


“No time to lose” with state of alarm, say biology experts

Professors from Madrid’s Complutense University support the government’s emergency measures, which will be put in place today by the Cabinet


What is a state of alarm and what will the Spanish government be able to do?

The measures that will go into effect from tomorrow will allow the executive to requisition all kinds of assets and intervene to ensure essential items are available


Spanish government declares state of alarm

The measure will allow the authorities to limit the movement of citizens and to ration the use of services in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The Cabinet will meet on Saturday to put the measure into effect for only the second time since Spain returned to democracy


Galicia, Basque Country to hold early regional elections in April

The vote will take place ahead of polls that have been announced in Catalonia, but that are yet to get an official date


PM, Catalan premier agree to meet to lay out groundwork for Catalonia talks

A day after being sworn back into office, Pedro Sánchez calls Quim Torra and states that he has “the sincere will to try to sort out the political conflict” in the northeastern Spanish region

Spanish politics

In gridlocked Spain, caretaker PM explores an unlikely Plan B

Pedro Sánchez is meeting with leaders of right-of-center parties to determine their willingness to endorse him if his deal with a Catalan separatist party ultimately fails


Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera quits after election debacle

The center-right party fell from 57 seats in Congress to just 10 at Sunday’s vote, with the conservative Popular Party and far-right Vox making major gains

Spanish elections

New election, new strategy: Spain’s center-right parties change their message

Ciudadanos is now open to deals after shunning the Socialist Party for months, while the Popular Party is focusing on the economy ahead of the November 10 repeat vote


Citizen concern over state of Spanish politics at highest since 1985

According to the latest Centre for Sociological Research poll, 40% of voters would cast a ballot for the Socialist Party at a fresh election, with support for left-wing Unidas Podemos falling


Spain’s Ciudadanos party faces internal crisis over shift to the right

Three top officials have resigned in protest over the group’s dealings with the far-right Vox and refusal to support the Socialists


Manuel Valls: “With Vox you end up getting your hands dirty, and to some extent, your soul”

After breaking with Ciudadanos, the former French prime minister speaks to EL PAÍS about why he believes the center-right party has betrayed its liberal and progressive values


Ciudadanos rules out talks with far-right party Vox to form governments

The center-right group’s executive committee wants to avoid a repeat of the situation in Andalusia, and says it is open to “exceptional” deals with the Socialist Party


After election victory, Spain’s PM exerts newfound leverage over the opposition

Poor showing of left-wing Podemos puts a damper on its plans for coalition government, while center-right Ciudadanos is now more open to deals with the PSOE


The day that women took over Spanish Congress

The parliament that emerged from the recent election reflects the highest gender parity in the entire EU. Some of the female deputies who were sworn in yesterday discuss what this means for Spain


Podemos attacks Zara owner’s €320 million healthcare donation

The anti-austerity party argues that the public health system should be funded by taxes and not from private contributions from business moguls such as Amancio Ortega

Spanish election

Post-election Spain: “Agreeing to agree” is the only certainty so far

Acting PM Pedro Sánchez met with the leaders of Ciudadanos and Podemos on Tuesday in a bid to forge governing alliances following the general election of April 28