What is a selective lockdown and how does it work?

EL PAÍS looks at how the rules were introduced in the Spanish city of Palma, in the Balearic Islands, following a spike in Covid-19 cases


Spanish PM refuses to reveal whereabouts of emeritus king Juan Carlos

Pedro Sánchez says it is up to the Royal Household and not the government to inform the public of the location of the former monarch


Spain’s Balearic Islands to make face masks mandatory in all public spaces except the beach

Nine coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in the archipelago with 42 cases detected and 90 people under surveillance


First German tourists arrive in Spain’s Balearic Islands with no fear of coronavirus: ‘I feel very safe’

A total of 189 passengers arrived in Mallorca on Monday as part of a tourism pilot program aimed at testing coronavirus safety measures ahead of June 21, when Spain will reopen its borders with all European Union and Schengen-area countries


Spanish police sing and dance to entertain children in lockdown

The officers went from street to street singing ‘Joan Pequeño’ in an effort to cheer up youngsters confined to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic


Thomas Cook collapse hits tourists in Spain’s Balearic and Canary Islands

Hundreds of passengers have been left stranded in the country after the British travel company ceased trading on Monday


Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal puts €2.6 million luxury yacht up for sale

The sports champion bought the vessel in 2016, and has regularly used it to sail around Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera in Spain’s Balearic Islands


The battle against vacation rentals spreads beyond Madrid

Barcelona, Valencia and Palma have also approved regulations to curb the rapid growth in the supply of unlicensed short-stay tourist accommodation


Tennis star Rafael Nadal donates €1m to victims of Mallorca flash floods

The 32-year-old sports star appeared in newspapers the world over in the wake of the October 9 tragedy, when he joined the clean-up effort


Spanish court accused of violating journalists’ rights in corruption case

Politicians and legal experts are protesting a judge’s decision to seize two reporters’ phones and computers to discover the source of a leak

Flash floods in Mallorca

After eight-day search, body of six-year-old Artur located in Mallorca

The child was caught up in last week’s torrential rainfall and flash flooding, which also claimed the life of his mother


Flash flooding kills 12 in Mallorca

Two more bodies have been recovered, possibly those of missing German citizens


Victims of Mallorca property scam say they feel “unprotected by the law”

Total number of cases in alleged fraud could be as high as 200, and with losses of around €4 million, it could be the biggest of its kind in the history of the Balearic Islands


Problem of ‘balconing’ makes a comeback, with six dead so far this summer

The most recent incident saw a 23-year-old German plunge to his death from the 12th floor of his hotel after he fell through a window


Experts cast doubt on white shark sighting in Spanish waters

Biologists consulted by this newspaper say it is more likely to be a shortfin mako shark

Spanish marine life

Great white shark appears in waters of Balearic Islands for first time in 30 years

Marine conservation expedition releases up-close footage of the specimen, which was sighted off the coast of Cabrera

Balearic Islands

Cuban-American tycoon lands Mediterranean island for €3.2 million

The islet was the inherited property of 16 owners and is part of the Balearic Islands in Spain


Woman at center of food poisoning fraud scandal admits selling tourist data

Speaking in a Spanish court, Laura Cameron said she earned €5,600 for every thousand names she collected, but denies having ever spoken about faking illness


Palma de Mallorca will be first Spanish city to ban tourist apartments

From July, only single-family homes will be available for short-term vacation rentals in popular Balearic Island destination


Spanish woman faces €28,000 fee after leaving her car in parking lot for nine years

Volvo has been towed away after car park owners gave up hope that fine would be paid

Balearic Islands

Spanish island snapped up by Luxembourg family for €18 million

The 800-meter wide islet in the Balearics has passed into private hands after local authorities failed to secure funding for the purchase

Freedom of expression in Spain

Spanish rapper Voltonyc to spend three years in prison for insulting the king

Spain’s top court upholds ruling against the Mallorcan artist for slander and glorifying terrorism


Why a small Spanish island is saying no to tourist cars

Formentera, in the Balearics, wants to limit the number of vehicles on its roads in a bid to ease the strain on local infrastructure and protect the environment


Court records expose methods used in British food poisoning scam

Law firms in UK handled phony claims lodged against Mallorca hotels and kept 60% of payout

Multi-party politics

Balearic Islands: the challenge of consensus politics in Spain

Four left-wing parties seem unable to agree on key policy questions including regulating tourism


Spain’s Balearic Islands cap tourist bed numbers at 623,000

New legislation aims to crack down on unlicensed apartments and properties


Video: Radical youth group stages anti-tourism protest in Palma restaurant

Activists throw confetti in diners’ faces, claiming mass tourism is hurting the working classes