Costa del Sol gangland shootings: ‘These people solve everything with guns’

Five incidents involving firearms in the last month underscore the problem of drug-related violence in parts of southern Spain


Faced with depleting supplies, drug traffickers step up violence against police in southern Spain

Over a dozen officers have been injured after being rammed by SUVs driven by narcos who are increasingly “broke and desperate”


Waiting for tourists in southern Spain’s ghost coast

More than 80% of hotels on the Málaga shoreline have closed while Cádiz’s are surviving on 20% occupancy this month


Britons in Spain take to Talk Radio Europe to express frustration over the UK’s quarantine rules

The station, which is broadcast from Spain's Costa del Sol, has become a mouthpiece for British residents to voice their opinions, including criticism of Boris Johnson's handling of the coronavirus crisis


Britons left without homes, vehicles and possessions after fire rips through Málaga holiday park

Residents of the Lazy Days in Spain – Pueblo Fiesta site recount to EL PAÍS how they saw their belongings go up into flames during a devastating blaze on Sunday


How Spain’s face mask rules are being broken

Police officers explain the great number of excuses employed by people to explain why they are not following the coronavirus safety measure


Coronavirus crisis leaving entire families in Spain without work

The number of households with no working members has risen to 1.14 million due to the Covid-19 pandemic. EL PAÍS spoke with three people in this situation about their struggles


Former soldier arrested for shooting at photos of Spanish PM and ministers in a firing range

In the video of the incident, a gunman is seen firing at the images of several high-profile politicians, including Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias


The specialized police unit cracking down on hitmen on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Sixteen people have been arrested in a little over a year thanks to a group that focuses exclusively on score settling, often between rival drug gangs


Spanish family donates Málaga home to migrants

A newly renovated house in the heart of the Andalusian city promises to brighten the future of youths Nabil, Hassan and Bilal


Sole defendant tried over death of Spanish toddler who fell down borehole escapes jail sentence

The family of two-year-old Julen Roselló, who died in Málaga last January, has reached a deal with David Serrano, the owner of the land where the accident happened


One year on, uncertainty still hangs over Julen Roselló tragedy in Spain

The owner of the property where the toddler fell to his death down a narrow borehole will face trial on January 21


Spanish city of Málaga calls time on new bars in bid to combat noise pollution

Local authorities have introduced a five-year ban on new dining and drinking establishments in downtown areas that are already saturated with venues


Investigation continues into tragic drowning of British tourists in Mijas pool

The accounts of the Diya family and the Civil Guard as to how the father and two children could have died last week after getting into trouble in the water continue to differ


British victims who drowned in Costa del Sol resort could not swim, according to family

Forensics at Malaga’s Institute of Legal Medicine have confirmed that drowning was the sole cause of death for the two siblings and their father


Civil Guard opens investigation into death of British family in Costa del Sol

A father and his two children drowned in the pool of a resort in Mijas in the south of Spain

Crime in Spain

Costa del Sol hit by new wave of gangland-style killings

Authorities say the recent murders are connected to score settling between rival drug gangs, but there are concerns that the ongoing violence could claim civilian lives

Animal welfare in Spain

Eighty-kilo passenger limit takes a weight off the shoulders of Mijas’s donkeys

New guidelines have been introduced in the southern Spanish town aimed at protecting the welfare of the animals, who are used for rides and a “taxi service” for tourists

Crime in Spain

Bad grandma: The 76-year-old Spanish woman arrested 40 times for stealing

Police were shocked to discover the elderly lady was responsible for multiple robberies in the southern city of Málaga


Killer of Spanish eight-year-old: “I just wanted him to shut up”

At day two of her trial, Ana Julia Quezada tells the court in Almería that the death of Gabriel was unintentional and that she wanted to commit suicide afterwards

Gabriel Cruz Murder Case

Spanish child Gabriel Cruz clung to life for up to 90 minutes, says lawyer at trial

Almería jury hears new details about the death of the eight-year-old in southern Spain 18 months ago at the hands of self-confessed killer Ana Julia Quezada


“It’s an environmental catastrophe” – the brown algae threatening Spain’s southern coast

Scientists are calling for urgent action against the species, which is hurting the biodiversity in the area as well as the fishing and tourism industry


Spanish driver fakes kidnapping to cover up for spending his earnings at sex club

The man told police he had been abducted and forced to go to a sex club, but investigators were able to uncover the real story


Children in one room, cannabis in the other: The changing face of Spain’s marijuana trade

Parents, unemployed people and upper-class youngsters have been caught growing the drug in their homes as a means to earn extra cash


Property owner charged with homicide for toddler’s fatal fall down borehole

Prosecutors are seeking a three-year prison term against David Serrano for failing to place warning signs near the 28-centimeter hole where Julen Roselló fell on January 13


Death of Brazilian mother of five marks 1,000th gender violence victim in Spain

Her alleged aggressor, Salvador Ramírez, was convicted for killing his first wife in the year 2002 and sent to jail, but released early after good behavior


The Spanish drug gang whose lavish spending led to their downfall

The traffickers apparently made so much money from selling cocaine that they chose to buy new clothes instead of washing old ones