Spain considers allowing travel to see family for Christmas

Central and regional health officials are meeting on Wednesday to draft a common set of guidelines to celebrate safely; measures might include exceptions to sealed borders for people visiting relatives


Coronavirus tests and self-isolation beforehand: What the experts say about reducing the risks if returning home for Christmas

Sources consulted by EL PAÍS agree that family meetings should be kept to a minimum, but thousands of Spaniards are still planning to travel to see relatives over the festive season. Here are some of the recommendations for how to do so as safely as possible


Why Christmas in Spain won’t be ‘saved’ this year

Both regional governments and the central administration support keeping coronavirus restrictions in place, but health experts warn these may not be enough to prevent a new spike in cases in January


Coronavirus incidence rate falls across Spain, but remains at ‘very high’ levels

The latest Health Ministry report recorded 12,289 new cases and added 337 deaths to the official toll


Spain’s regions divided on coronavirus Christmas restrictions

A meeting of central and regional health authorities ended with no consensus over the government's draft plan to keep Covid-19 figures down during the holidays


Spain adds 537 coronavirus deaths to official toll, a new second-wave record

While fatalities rise, new cases, hospitalizations and admissions into intensive care units are on a downward trend, according to the latest Health Ministry report


Spanish coronavirus vaccination drive to prioritize care home residents

Health Minister Salvador Illa confirms that immunization will be free, voluntary and administered through the public healthcare system


Spanish government proposes limiting Christmas meetings to six people, 1am curfew on New Year’s Eve

The measures are included in a draft public health document being prepared ahead of the upcoming holiday season


Coronavirus incidence rate falls in 12 Spanish regions, but deaths continue to rise

The Health Ministry added 356 fatalities to the official toll on Thursday, bringing the average number of daily reported victims this week to close to 300


Spain will require a negative PCR test from travelers coming from more than 60 countries

The measure goes into effect on November 23 and affects residents from most EU member states


Spain prepares to deal with challenges of coronavirus vaccination campaign

Authorities must decide who gets first 20 million doses of a drug that requires ultra-cold storage


Spain reports first weekend fall in coronavirus cases, but sets new second-wave record for fatalities

According to the latest figures, 52,386 infections have been detected since Friday, while 512 deaths have been added to the official toll


Why is Spain taking longer to respond to the coronavirus pandemic than its European neighbors?

EL PAÍS spoke to experts from several fields about why Spanish authorities continue to drag their feet when it comes to introducing measures, that have already been applied in several nations with much lower incidence rates


Spanish government to wait ‘two or three weeks’ before taking tougher coronavirus measures

The Health Ministry maintains that more time must pass to assess whether the current restrictions, such as the nighttime curfew and perimetral lockdown, are working


Spanish experts and authorities remain divided on home lockdown

Asturias believes the measure will ease the pressure on hospitals, but epidemiologists and the Health Ministry argue it is better to wait and assess the impact of the current coronavirus restrictions


Experts warn Spain’s state of alarm is not a cure-all for the coronavirus crisis

Epidemiologists say the impact of the emergency measure will depend greatly on what action the regions decide to take

Spain’s new state of alarm: what you can and can’t do

The Spanish Cabinet today approved a curfew from 11pm to 6am, leaving the regions various options when it comes to restricting mobility


Spanish government planning a new state of alarm that will last for many weeks

The Cabinet is due to meet on Sunday morning to approve the emergency measure, which counts on the backing of the majority of the regions to give them a legal framework for coronavirus restrictions

Covid-19 crisis

Spain: over one million official coronavirus cases

Patients who have survived Covid-19 and medical staff who have combatted the health crisis tell their stories


Spain heads toward another state of alarm

Eight regions and Melilla have already called on the government to implement the emergency measure, which will not necessarily involve a lockdown like the one in the spring. The regions would, however, have greater powers to limit mobility in a bid to curb coronavirus infections


Spanish PM warns of ‘tough months’ ahead during coronavirus crisis

In a public address on Friday, Pedro Sánchez called on citizens to limit all non-essential trips and social contact to avoid a repeat of the total lockdown seen in March


Andalusia, Valencia announce curfews to curb coronavirus transmission

After a meeting of health authorities failed to produce an agreement on nationwide restrictions, Spanish regions are taking the initiative to limit nighttime activity


Several Spanish regions to propose curfew as country battles coronavirus surge

Valencia, Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha are in favor of nighttime confinements, but Madrid’s position remains unclear


Spain reports highest cumulative number of coronavirus cases: 322.9 infections per 100,000 inhabitants

The latest report from the Health Ministry recorded 13,873 new diagnoses and added 218 victims to the overall death toll


Spain’s new coronavirus alert system shows four regions at ‘extreme risk’ level

A draft project that must still be discussed with regional officials aims to clarify the criteria for adopting restrictions on mobility


Scientists in Spain call for research-based restrictions: ‘Politics are being prioritized over public health’

The country’s medical and scientific associations urge political leaders to drop partisan disputes and make coronavirus-related decisions based on the available evidence


Spain’s coronavirus incidence on ‘red alert’ since August, documents show

Papers seen by EL PAÍS evidence that as early as July, authorities established a top figure of 60 positive cases per 100,000 people