Tour operators prepare to resume travel between Germany and Canary Islands

The Spanish region is pushing for passenger testing at origin and destination to avoid the need for quarantines


Catalan official uses Mauthausen victim tribute to defend jailed separatists

Spanish Justice Minister Dolores Delgado walked out of the event at the former Nazi concentration camp, where thousands of exiled Spanish Republicans died


Spain’s foreign minister stops interview on German TV over Catalonia questions

Josep Borrell accused his interviewer of ignorance and bias and briefly walked away from the set


How a Spanish journalist unmasked the ‘Der Spiegel’ forgery scandal

Freelancer Juan Moreno has become nothing short of a hero in Germany after he exposed star reporter Claas Relotius for making up stories for the prestigious weekly news magazine


Germany to extradite ex-premier Carles Puigdemont for misuse of public funds

Court in the northern German state of Schleswig Holstein has once again rejected charge of rebellion brought by the Spanish judiciary against ousted Catalan politician


“The time has come for the pro-European left to mobilize”

Ex-leader of Germany’s SPD speaks about the urgent need to fight rampant nationalism and populism

Syrian torture victims

Building the case against Assad’s regime


German court rejects rebellion charge against Puigdemont once more

Ex-premier of Catalonia will remain free on bail while judges reach a final opinion on his extradition to Spain

Crisis in Catalonia

New Catalan premier visits Puigdemont in Berlin, asks for end to direct rule

Spain’s two main parties renew their agreement to fight “challenges” by Catalan leader


European conservatives move to isolate Puigdemont case

German-led majority in EU Parliament is trying to prevent it from becoming an international issue


Ousted Catalan premier released from German prison on €75,000 bail

Court in north of country has freed Carles Puigdemont while it continues to study extradition request from Spain over his role in independence drive

crisis in catalonia

German judge keeps Catalan leader in custody pending extradition decision

Spain wants to try Carles Puigdemont for rebellion, for which closest German equivalent is high treason

Crisis in Catalonia

Carles Puigdemont detained by German police

Former Catalan premier is due to appear before a district judge in Schleswig-Holstein on Monday


Victims of the Barcelona terrorist attacks: all the latest details

People from at least 35 countries among victims; two Italians, two Portuguese, a Belgian, a US citizen, a Canadian, two Argentineans and a British–Australian confirmed dead


Spanish soccer player injured in attack against Borussia Dortmund team bus

Marc Bartra required wrist surgery after blasts shattered vehicle windows on way to match


Why thousands of migrants are being locked up in Spain for nothing

Two out of three foreigners who spent time at detention centers in 2016 were ultimately released


Racist graffiti scrawled outside Spanish school in London

British police report sharp spike in such incidents after Brexit vote


China-Madrid train route making slow progress

Longest rail service in the world brings tons of Chinese goods to Spain, but returns half empty


Would increasing paternity leave help boost Spain’s flagging birth rate?

Government’s own figures show money is available to give fathers same rights as mothers


The Afghan interpreters left jobless and penniless in Spain

Translators who worked with Spanish troops feel abandoned in their new country


Refugees caught up in Spain’s red tape

Asylum seekers are held back by all the paperwork required to process their applications


Spanish society acts to take in refugees

While Madrid wrangles over EU quotas, local and regional officials announce plans to help


Why Spain is just a stop on the road to Germany for most refugees

Many asylum seekers try to move north after their six months of Spanish aid ends

Why is nobody changing Spain’s long working hours?

Most people agree it would be better for health and productivity, so what’s the holdup?

Inside Gibraltar’s secret tunnels

A firm is using an historic WWII bunker to safeguard online gambling and financial data


Why Gibraltar’s Llanito dialect is rapidly dying out

Youngsters are turning their backs on the Spanish-English blend spoken on the Rock

Is your French wine made in Spain?

Millions of liters of Spanish reds and whites get exported for bottling in other countries