German court rejects rebellion charge against Puigdemont once more

Ex-premier of Catalonia will remain free on bail while judges reach a final opinion on his extradition to Spain


Venezuelan election fiasco deepens President Maduro’s isolation

Sunday’s polls have been widely criticized with several countries refusing to recognize the results


Scuffle at Catalan beach over tribute to jailed independence leaders

Three people sustained minor injuries after hooded individuals pulled out yellow crosses from the sand

sex industry

Meet Mamadou, the Muslim worker at Spain’s biggest vagina factory

The Guinea native says his religion does not preclude him from packaging the Fleshlight adult toys, which are often molded on porn stars

Social media

YouTube prankster faces €500k civil bond for video in which he was slapped

Spaniard Sergio Soler is being sued by a delivery man who was secretly recorded in a viral gag that went wrong



Ros cartoon, May 22, 2018

Ciudadanos political party

Ciudadanos: civil patriotism or nationalism?

Albert Rivera’s party is defending its new platform as a unifying force, in opposition to an exclusionary independence movement


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, May 22, 2018