Ex-chief of Catalan police force acquitted of sedition over 2017 secessionist drive

Spain’s High Court has cleared Josep Lluís Trapero and three other defendants of all charges related to the events in Catalonia, which included an illegal referendum on independence


Judge calls on Supreme Court to investigate Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias

A magistrate targets the Podemos leader in connection with the theft of an ex-colleague’s cellphone


Spanish court sends ex-colonel to prison for 1989 Jesuit killings in El Salvador

Over three decades after a massacre that drew international attention, Inocente Orlando Montano was found guilty of "terrorist" crimes


Spanish spying probe points at top Popular Party ex-officials

Court lifts the seal on investigation into scheme to steal sensitive material from former party treasurer Luis Bárcenas


Spanish government ups security measures over concerns for safety of ministers

Podemos politicians Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero have been subjected to four months of harassment outside their home in Madrid, and this week were forced to cut short their vacation


Judge calls members of Podemos leadership to testify after accusations of irregular financing

The move comes after the latest in a series of accusations of wrongdoing by a former lawyer for the left-wing party, José Manuel Calvente


Spanish judge shelves case tying Women’s Day march to spread of Covid-19

The political right had made much of the government's alleged role in allowing public gatherings on March 8, when the coronavirus epidemic began to be apparent


Thirty years after Jesuit killings in El Salvador, trial begins in Madrid

Five Spanish priests were among those murdered in the 1989 massacre, including Ignacio Ellacuría, a prominent figure who defended dialogue between the guerrillas and the government during the civil war


Opposition calls for minister to quit over leaked memo about Civil Guard colonel’s sacking

The confidential document contradicts Interior chief Fernando Grande-Marlaska’s version of events about the dismissal last week of Diego Pérez de los Cobos


Spanish Civil Guard official sacked over Covid-19 report

Interior Ministry denies the move is connected with a court investigation into the government's authorization of mass gatherings just days ahead of the coronavirus lockdown


What if Spain’s state of alarm comes to an end on May 9?

If PM Pedro Sánchez does not secure congressional approval to extend the extraordinary measure on Wednesday, experts say confinement orders will no longer be legally binding


Spanish actor Willy Toledo acquitted of offending religious sentiment

The court found that while the activist’s Facebook posts may have been in “bad taste,” they were not unlawful


Spanish dentist caught secretly filming colleague undress given three years

The female employee discovered a pen drive that had been used to record her when she got changed at the Madrid clinic where she worked. The victim has also won compensation


Civil Guard colonel slams actions of Mossos chief during Catalan independence drive

Diego Pérez de los Cobos tells court he would have removed Josep Lluís Trapero from his role as head of the regional police force for his leadership in 2017


Ex-Mossos chief seeks to distance himself from Catalan independence leaders

This week saw the start of the High Court trial of four figures connected to the regional police involved in the events of 2017


Former Mossos chief seeks to distance himself from Catalan independence leaders

This week saw the start of the High Court trial of four figures from the regional police force involved in the events of 2017


Who is who in the latest trial covering the 2017 Catalan independence drive

The four defendants in this new court case related to the secessionist challenge include Josep Lluís Trapero, the then-head of the Mossos d’Esquadra regional police force


Alleged fraudster ‘Little Nicolás’ could be facing up to 30 years in jail

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, 25, is being investigated for passing himself off as an envoy of Spain’s King Felipe VI, a government representative, and even a secret agent


Spain’s Supreme Court rules in favor of exhumation of Francisco Franco

The judges examining the appeal by the former dictator’s family have decided that his remains should be taken to the Pardo cemetery, where his wife is buried


Vox politician on “Wolf-Pack” verdict: “Only sex through prostitution is safe”

Francisco Serrano, who leads the far-right party in Andalusia, criticized the Supreme Court ruling which found five men guilty of raping an 18-year-old woman


Bitcoin, a boat and book royalties: What assets do Spain’s top politicians hold?

Newly elected lawmakers, including Pedro Sánchez, astronaut Pedro Duque and far-right Vox leader Santiago Abascal, have submitted their financial holdings – and there are some interesting findings


Convictions for driving under the influence jump 10% in Spain

More than 40% of drivers killed in traffic accidents had consumed alcohol or drugs, according to data from the Prosecutor General’s Office


Spanish courts say Carles Puigdemont can run in EU elections

The former Catalan premier, who fled Spain after the failed secession bid, had challenged an earlier decision to ban his nomination

Corruption in Spain

Hackers broadcast live stream of police camera at Podemos leaders’ home

The device that had been installed at the house of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero had to be replaced by the Civil Guard after the anti-austerity party was made aware of the intrusion


Euthanasia debate reignites in Spain after man arrested for helping his wife die

María José Carrasco suffered from multiple sclerosis for 30 years and had reached the terminal stage of the disease


Spanish prosecutors consider legal action against ISIS women in Syria

Two of the Spaniards located at a camp for Islamic State followers are already under investigation by Spain’s High Court, and all three could face terrorism charges back home


Court probes involvement of ex-police chief in plot to discredit Podemos

In 2016, the PP-run Interior Ministry granted legal residency status to a Venezuelan national who provided unverified information about the left-wing party’s leader, Pablo Iglesias