Vox: the far-right party that made shock gains in the regional polls

Not since far-right politician Blas Piñar lost his seat in Congress in 1982 has a group with such an extreme ideology set foot in any of the country’s parliaments


Judge prosecutes ex-Madrid premier over master’s degree scandal

Cristina Cifuentes is accused of falsifying documents tied to her academic title from King Juan Carlos University


Comic in court after blowing his nose on Spanish flag during TV sketch

Dani Mateo is the latest personality from the world of TV and film to fall foul of the law in Spain, after actor Willy Toledo recently appeared before a judge over comments insulting the Virgin Mary


Prosecutor tried to probe actor Willy Toledo’s comments about Easter week

The activist’s lawyer has expressed his outrage over the move, calling it “more in line with the parameters used at the time by the Spanish Inquisition”


Judge to prosecute actor Willy Toledo for insulting God and the Virgin Mary

Magistrate opts to press ahead with case, which was brought against the activist by a Catholic lawyers association for comments he made on Facebook


Fresh setback for Spanish university at center of master’s scandal over financial excesses

After being accused of gifting degrees to politicians, the head of a law school at King Juan Carlos University is now under scrutiny for credit cards used to fund luxury lifestyle


Spain’s prosecutor general suggests softer sentences for online hate crimes

Current legislation covering racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic messages posted online forces judges to hand out a minimum of 30 months’ jail time


Spain’s PP leader faces new legal setback over suspect master’s degree

Judge sends case to Supreme Court after finding signs of wrongdoing in Pablo Casado’s academic qualification


Wanted killer and rapist who fled Spain is captured in Senegal

After fleeing Spanish prison, Guillermo Fernández Bueno was caught crossing border from Mauritania


Spanish court investigates Bayer for Essure contraceptive

Women say the device caused constant hemorrhaging and led to loss of their reproductive organs

Ciudadanos political party

Ciudadanos: civil patriotism or nationalism?

Albert Rivera’s party is defending its new platform as a unifying force, in opposition to an exclusionary independence movement


When bullying lasts beyond the school gates: “Now there’s no respite for victims”

Online harassment among minors in Spain has increased by 65% in the last five years, amounting to 6,500 victims during that period

Spanish politics

Madrid regional leader facing probe over claims of falsified master’s degree

Two opposition groups want Cristina Cifuentes to resign over a case affecting a major public university in the region, and which has raised the question of corruption in her Popular Party once more

AP-6 crisis

Spanish government under heavy fire over Christmas freeway chaos

Socialists call for resignation of traffic chief after 3,000 cars stranded in snowstorm on AP-6

Catalan elecion

Ciudadanos under pressure to try and form government in Catalonia

But party says it does not have the numbers and is watching moves of secessionist bloc


La Manada: the cast of secondary characters in a trial by media

The Pamplona gang-rape trial has seen some seek out the cameras, and others try to avoid them

Migrant crisis

“I am inside a prison? But why?”

Non-profit lawyers denounce conditions in which a group of nearly 500 migrants is being held in a Málaga penitentiary

Migrant Crisis

Caught unprepared, Spain sends migrant arrivals to unfinished prison

Politicians, unions and NGOs criticize decision to use penitentiary as a temporary holding center

Catalan crisis

Catalan parliament speaker freed from jail after posting €150,000 bail

Judge releases Carme Forcadell from pre-trial custody after defense posts bond, and on condition of weekly appearance in court


Catalan separatists accept new election as “plebiscite” on Article 155

Ciudadanos unsuccessful at crafting preliminary deal bringing together unionist parties in the region

Catalan crisis

Hundreds of thousands take to streets in defense of Spanish unity

Politicians from Socialist Party, Popular Party and Ciudadanos all present at demonstration in Barcelona, at which “We are all Catalonia” was chosen slogan

Cambrils terror attack

Terror cell planned to bomb “monuments” in Barcelona

Court hears terrorists had second base of operations; receipts for large purchase of explosives found


Spain: 4,772 political parties and counting

In the last decade, the number of democratic organizations in Spain has doubled to reach record levels


Security concerns force closure of goods crossing between Ceuta and Morocco

Police and Civil Guard mobilized after 187 migrants stormed El Tarajal frontier post on Monday


People smugglers double price of sea journeys into Spanish territory

EU border authority says gangs are hiking cost of maritime trips to as much as €3,000 per person

forest fires

In Spanish village threatened by forest fire, new life provides sweet surprise

As elderly residents return to homes, they discover the animals they had to leave behind are just fine


The Toledo town where horse riders rip the heads off dead geese

The “traditional” fiestas in El Carpio de Tajo used to involve live animals strung from a rope, and are the object of protests from animal rights groups