Spain seeks law change to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to abort without parental consent

Equality Minister Irene Montero has announced plans to repeal the 2015 reform that requires young women to get permission from their parents before they can terminate a pregnancy


The alleged sexual assault filmed on Spain’s ‘Big Brother’: ‘Nobody did anything!’

A Madrid court has been investigating a suspected case of abuse of a female contestant that was caught on camera during the filming of ‘Gran Hermano’

Spanish politics

Which school talks are under threat from the far-right’s ‘parental veto’ in Spain?

Vox is pushing for a system to be introduced in regional education programs targeting workshops on the prevention of homophobia, sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy

Gender violence in Spain

Vox blocking measures against gender violence in Spain

The far-right party has stopped regions and city councils from taking a united stand on the issue, which has claimed more than a thousand women’s lives in Spain since 2003


Two “La Manada” members get extra jail time for filming gang rape

Four of the men also stood trial this week over claims they sexually abused an unconscious 21-year-old woman two months before the assault in Pamplona

Gender equality

“Spanish feminism’s own history makes it ahead of its time”

EL PAÍS talks to author Nuria Varela about the gains made by the women’s movement in Spain, and the fourth generation of feminists who are now leading the fight for greater rights

Gender violence

Knitting butterflies as therapy: “I’m still a mother, but I don’t have my daughters”

A year after her two children were murdered by her ex-husband, Itziar Prats is finding the strength to move forward thanks to a new project aimed at raising awareness


Smiling victims and stock images: Andalusia accused of trivializing gender violence in new campaign

The regional government has spent €1.2 million on an initiative against “abuse” that includes photos previously used in dental ads


Female squash players in Spain shocked at tournament prize: leg wax and a vibrator

The athletes who won a championship in Asturias say the award highlights “structural sexism” in sport and have filed a complaint that has led to club resignations


Man who killed wife and son in Tenerife cave showing no remorse

The suspect has only spoken to ask for medication for his aching leg, but has shown no interest in his surviving son Jonas, leading investigators to believe the crime was premeditated


Man who murdered son and wife in Tenerife told them he had Easter gifts in the cave

A Dutch woman who was the first to talk to Jonas, a seven-year-old who survived by running away, has offered new details about the case


Elections in Spain: four men debating about women

EL PAÍS gender correspondent Pilar Álvarez analyzes Monday night’s pre-election debate, during which the all-male candidates discussed sexual consent, surrogacy and the so-called “tampon tax”

Gender violence

How the Spanish justice system failed a mother and her two daughters

Itziar Prats’ children, Nerea and Martina, aged two and six, were murdered by their father after authorities failed to act on the report she filed against him


Welcome to Spain’s feminist club for men

The members of this group in Huelva hold monthly meetings where they reject toxic masculinity and discuss how to fight for greater gender equality


Spanish government to raise paternity leave to 16 weeks by 2021

The measures, which will be passed by a royal decree, will see the period granted to new fathers progressively rise over the next two years


Spain’s far-right Vox requests names of gender-violence workers in Andalusia

The party claims it has seen complaints that some government employees are unqualified to shape decisions on child custody and abuse


In Spain, international adoptions plunge while surrogacy grows

The long process and greater restrictions are pushing some couples to go abroad in search of a service that is illegal back home


Convicted wife-killer murders his lover: the lawyer who secured his early release

Rebeca Santamalia, a respected attorney in Zaragoza, Spain, had been romantically involved with Salvador Calvo, who jumped off a bridge after stabbing her to death

WOMEN’s rights

Spain’s feminist groups mobilizing for battle against far-right Vox party

Main associations will issue a joint manifesto and organize street marches in the coming days


Spain tries ‘Swedish model’ to address prostitution’s legal limbo

Socialist government is drafting a bill targeting the demand side, with punishment for those who purchase sex


Study: Prostitutes in Spain punished more than their clients

A report by the Autonomous University of Barcelona has revealed how victims of sex trafficking are being hurt by municipal rules

Violence against children

Pianist James Rhodes calls for longer statute of limitations for child abuse

The British musician is leading the drive to push the Spanish government to deliver its promised law on crimes against minors


Spain’s deputy PM proposes “yes means yes” law for sexual assault cases

Carmen Calvo, who is also equality minister, wants to avoid rulings being open to the interpretation of judges, as happened in the Sanfermines rape trial

San Fermines

Feminists divided over call to boycott 2018 Running of the Bulls

Women’s groups from Pamplona are not supporting an initiative triggered by La Manada gang-rape case

Running of the bulls gang rape case

Spanish government considers legal reform after court releases ‘Manada’ sex-attack culprits

Protests in Madrid and Pamplona over decision to set free five men who were found guilty of sexually abusing an 18-year-old


Deputy PM: “Surrogacy utilizes the bodies of the poorest women”

Carmen Calvo speaks to EL PAÍS about the agenda of Spain’s new “feminist” Socialist Party government


Half of Spaniards believe alcohol is “often” to blame for rape

According to a new poll, 15% think that a victim is partly at fault for “having lost control” if she is drunk