Spain’s PM mulls state of alarm for the Madrid region

Pedro Sánchez said he would like to reach an agreement with regional authorities and assured that the latter's powers will be respected


David Remnick: ‘The United States has been an imperfect democracy since its founding’

The editor of ‘The New Yorker’ talks to EL PAÍS about Donald Trump and the deepening ideological differences his country faces as it heads towards elections in November


Bolsonaro and Trump: So what?

While the two presidents exhale fumes of toxic masculinity as a form of political showmanship, their two countries are vying for first place in the coronavirus pandemic’s tragic numbers


Madrid High Court strikes down Health Ministry’s coronavirus restrictions

As a result of the decision, fines cannot be levied on citizens who break the perimetral confinements of 10 cities and the continuance of the measures themselves is now hanging in the balance


Spain seeks law change to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to abort without parental consent

Equality Minister Irene Montero has announced plans to repeal the 2015 reform that requires young women to get permission from their parents before they can terminate a pregnancy


Changeable coronavirus data from Madrid sees marked fall in new infections, victims

The number of fatalities reported by the central Health Ministry on Wednesday was 76, down from a record high during this second wave of 261 the day before


A retired police officer’s infallible memory cracks a baffling case of lost treasure in Spain

After watching a TV documentary, Emiliano Fernández provided the clue that solved a 84-year-old mystery involving a priceless Gothic tomb


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