Changeable coronavirus data from Madrid sees marked fall in new infections, victims

The number of fatalities reported by the central Health Ministry on Wednesday was 76, down from a record high during this second wave of 261 the day before


Health Ministry reports 261 coronavirus deaths, the biggest figure so far from Spain’s second wave

After a slight improvement on Monday, Madrid’s data has once again got worse, with 40.5% of intensive care beds occupied by Covid-19 patients


Spain reports 11,016 new coronavirus cases as Madrid sees worst figures in two weeks

The region reported 44% of all infections despite accounting for just 14% of the country’s population


Spain reports 9,906 new coronavirus cases and 203 deaths

The cumulative incidence rate in Madrid has nearly doubled in a month and is now close to 800 infections per 100,000 inhabitants


Spain reports 31,785 new coronavirus cases from Friday to Monday, with 179 victims

Health Minister Salvador Illa confirms there is “community transmission” in Madrid, which continues to be the worst-hit Spanish region


The reopening of schools in Spain: Here are the measures agreed by the government and the regions

Face masks will be obligatory for children aged six and over under the protocols announced on Thursday, even when social distancing can be observed


30% of Spaniards have doubts about being vaccinated against Covid-19, poll reveals

According to a survey from the Carlos III Health Institute, 42% of respondents believe the worst of the pandemic is still to come


With over 100 coronavirus outbreaks, more Spanish regions make face masks mandatory

Regional authorities are taking charge of controlling surges while the central government rules out a new state of alarm


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Six people who have been telecommuting for years share their advice on how to avoid distractions, stay focused and set defined schedules


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“No Ku Klux Klan. Spanish tradition”

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