Spain’s coronavirus paradox: ‘I have more savings than ever’

Uncertainty about the future and the fall in consumption due to lockdown measures have led to a sharp spike in deposits, but will this money remain in the bank or help the country's economic recovery?


BBVA-Sabadell merger talks cap decade of forced consolidation for Spanish banks

The tie-ups and acquisitions taking place in Spain since 2009 are unmatched elsewhere in Europe, and the trend is expected to continue


Spanish economy sees record-high quarterly rise, but remains far from pre-crisis levels

Gross domestic product rose 16.7% between July and September, but the recovery is likely to be short term as Spain faces a new round of coronavirus restrictions


The perfect storm that dragged Spain to the bottom of advanced economies

Experts point to factors such as over-reliance on tourism, a stricter confinement than most other countries and the small size of businesses


Couples separated by coronavirus travel ban: ‘If I’m hit by a car, he won’t be able to come see me’

EL PAÍS asked people who are desperately waiting to reunite with their partners how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted their plans and relationships


European borders are reopening, but there is a lot of small print to digest

Travelers from EU and Schengen countries can now enter Spain once more, but there are still a number of limits to free movement


EU’s call to open internal borders by June 15 increases pressure on Spain

The Spanish government so far intends to wait until July 1 to lift this coronavirus restriction, and says decisions will be made based on health criteria


Belgium’s Prince Joachim tests positive for coronavirus after attending party in Spain

The police are investigating a gathering of 26 people in the Andalusian city of Córdoba, at which King Philippe’s nephew was present


Spain to introduce 14-day quarantine for international travelers

The requirement begins on Friday and will last throughout the duration of the state of alarm


Spain ready “for any scenario” amid global coronavirus outbreak

Two potential cases in the Basque Country have tested negative; another patient is under observation in La Rioja


Brussels recognizes jailed Catalan leader as MEP, despite Electoral Commission notification

Spain’s JEC sent a communication on Friday stating that Oriol Junqueras was ineligible for the role given that he is currently serving a jail sentence


Catalan separatists who fled Spain prepare to deal with impending arrest warrants

Toni Comín, Lluís Puig and Clara Ponsatí have been living in Belgium and Scotland since late 2017, but say they will hand themselves over to authorities once they receive summons


Ex-Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont denied entry into Canada

The politician’s lawyer says an immigration official has denied travel authorization from Spain, where the separatist leader is wanted for sedition and misuse of public funds


Video: Tense incident between Spanish and Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea

Footage shows NATO-led jet closely tagging plane reportedly carrying Russian defense minister


Three migrants allowed off Spanish rescue ship as conditions onboard worsen

Brussels says it cannot mediate until a member state makes a formal coordination petition


Spain has the highest proportion of first-time mothers over 40 in the EU

A growing number of Spanish women are delaying having children, but experts warn waiting could hurt their chances of falling pregnant


European Parliament refuses to issue pass to former Catalan premier

Carles Puigdemont, who fled Spain in 2017 to avoid arrest over his role in the independence drive, was recently voted in as an MEP, but will be unable to take his seat unless he travels to Madrid


EU Parliament pushes out British negotiator over Gibraltar “colony” dispute

Claude Moraes has been stripped of his position as rapporteur after refusing to recognize the definition of the British Overseas Territory in a draft law on travel visas


France may not use anti-terrorism measures to send migrants back to Spain, EU court finds

EU Court of Justice says countries that have reinstated border controls cannot use them for pushbacks


Are there tax havens in the heart of the European Union?

The EU list of offenders only includes jurisdictions outside Europe, yet there is evidence that foreign investment is flowing through small countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg without any link to actual activity


Catalan pro-independence activists block highway for 15 hours

The grassroots group also tampered with toll barriers to demand separatist leaders in pre-trial detention be released from prison


Spain demands greater “clarity” on Gibraltar in Brexit deal

Government wants to change the agreement to make it clear that future negotiations on The Rock are not included in the pact


EU could postpone abolishing clock change until 2021

Ministers have called for more time to discuss measure, which Brussels wanted to introduce next March


Ex-Catalan premier Puigdemont on Flemish TV: “I don’t believe in martyrs”

The politician, who fled Spain to avoid arrest, is stepping up his public appearances ahead of the first anniversary of the independence referendum


Spain is the most welcoming EU country for refugees, survey finds

A Pew Research Center study of 18 nations says that 86% of Spaniards believe people fleeing violence and war should be accepted in the country


Belgian court refuses to extradite Spanish rapper Valtònyc

Josep Miguel Arenas Beltrán fled Spain in March after being sentenced to more than three years in prison for praising terrorism and threatening the king


Catalan separatists toy with new premier; Madrid calls him non-viable

Jailed independence activist Jordi Sànchez could soon be the new candidate to lead the region