Spain’s acting PM rejects latest offer for a “trial coalition” with leftist Podemos

A senior official from the conservative Popular Party suggests a grand union of the two main political groups to prevent a fresh parliamentary election in November


Spanish king calls political leaders for talks as deadline for new elections looms

The consultations with Felipe VI will determine whether the Socialist Party’s Pedro Sánchez has enough support in Congress to be voted back in as prime minister


As deadline for new election looms, Spain’s PM reaches out to Podemos

Pedro Sánchez today launched 370 policy points, many aimed at persuading the anti-austerity group to vote in favor of a minority Socialist Party administration


Spain sending Navy ship to collect 100 migrants still on board the ‘Open Arms’

Conditions on the NGO rescue vessel have been worsening, with several immigrants jumping overboard in a bid to swim the 800 meters to the Italian island of Lampedusa


Spanish rescue ship carrying over 120 migrants calls for safe port

Authorities in Valencia and Catalonia have asked the government for permission to allow ‘Open Arms’ to dock


Acting Spanish PM may head to investiture vote without support of Unidas Podemos

The leader of the anti-austerity party, Pablo Iglesias, warned that Pedro Sánchez will not have enough votes to be sworn in on the first round of voting, which is likely to take place on July 16


Socialists, Unidas Podemos agree to negotiate “government of cooperation”

The decision comes a day after the PSOE organizational secretary threatened new elections if the anti-austerity party does not drop its demands to be part of a coalition


After election victory, Spain’s PM exerts newfound leverage over the opposition

Poor showing of left-wing Podemos puts a damper on its plans for coalition government, while center-right Ciudadanos is now more open to deals with the PSOE


Spain’s Socialists moving closer to coalition government with Podemos

While acting PM Pedro Sánchez wants to lead a minority administration, lack of support from Ciudadanos and recent events in Congress are prompting him to reconsider


Row over Catalans’ oaths sets the tone as Spanish Congress convenes

A highly fragmented lower house elects a new speaker, but is more divided than ever over separatist deputies, four of whom are currently being held in custody while on trial

Spanish election

Post-election Spain: “Agreeing to agree” is the only certainty so far

Acting PM Pedro Sánchez met with the leaders of Ciudadanos and Podemos on Tuesday in a bid to forge governing alliances following the general election of April 28


Spain’s election officials suspend TV debate with far-right party Vox

Its presence would violate rules on minimum congressional representation; PM Pedro Sánchez says he will instead attend a four-candidate event on public broadcaster TVE


Podemos founders go their separate ways ahead of Madrid elections

Pablo Iglesias confirms party split and says he is saddened by the surprise news that his colleague Iñigo Errejón will run with the Madrid mayor in May


Podemos chief grilled in Senate over Venezuela financing links

During an ill-tempered session led by a Popular Party senator, Pablo Iglesias denied any irregularities but admitted he “didn’t agree with some things I said in the past”


Podemos chief meets with jailed Catalan independence leaders to discuss budget

Pablo Iglesias visited Oriol Junqueras and other separatist figures as he tries to garner support for the government’s economic plans


Podemos opens debate on legalizing marijuana in Spain

The same week that the drug became legal in Canada, the anti-austerity party organized a forum to support decriminalizing cultivation, sale and consumption


Spain’s Podemos: from street protests to governing deals in four years

After a much-publicized budget deal, Pablo Iglesias sets his sights on governing with the Socialists in 2020


Spain’s PM and Podemos leader sign deal for biggest wage hike in 40 years

But the success of the socially progressive budget plan depends on uncertain support from Brussels and from Catalan separatists


Why Pablo Escobar is anything but cool

The victims of one of the most notorious drug lords in living memory do not feel that Netflix hit ‘Narcos’ or any other depiction of him convey the reality of the damage he did


Why are people in Colombia talking about this news anchor’s hairstyle?

Mábel Lara’s decision to leave her hair curly has been hailed as an act of resistance for the Afro-Colombian community


Colombia’s musicians step in to take Puerto Rico’s reggaeton crown

Led by artists such as J Balvin, the country is breathing new life into the blend of hip hop and Caribbean music


Report confirms human error caused Chapecoense plane crash

Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority publishes preliminary investigation into accident that killed 71 people


Colombia’s FARC takes first steps on road to political mainstream

New alliance to act as parliamentary watchdog in lead-up to guerrilla group entering Congress


In bid to win over skeptical public, FARC takes the Mannequin Challenge

The Colombian guerrilla group is increasingly making use of social media to update its image

Colombia air accident

Chapecoense plane crash claims 71 lives

Seven rescued from wreckage of plane carrying Brazilian soccer team, but one later died in hospital


Colombia and FARC sign revised peace deal

Text includes some key demands of opponents, who say it still doesn’t go far enough


How Colombia’s Evangelists undermined the peace referendum

Government underestimated power of group in run-up to vote on peace accords with FARC