Political dialogue in Venezuela: Naïve or inevitable?

Just about everyone wants Venezuelans to engage in political dialogue. But all past “dialogues” ended up strengthening the government and weakening the opposition

¿Qué? podcast, S02E04: Chaos in Congress and vibrator prizes

This week we discuss the antics that took place during the inaugural session of the lower house, and talk about the outrageous award given to a women’s squash team in Spain

The Socialist lawmaker who sat flanked by the far right for seven hours

Veteran Catalan politician José Zaragoza spent the inaugural session of Congress in the midst of Vox legislators, who had occupied the seats normally used by his own party

Convicted murderer Pablo Ibar escapes capital punishment in Florida

After already having spent years on death row, the American with Spanish nationality has been given life imprisonment for a 1994 triple murder, and plans to appeal this latest ruling

The day that women took over Spanish Congress

The parliament that emerged from the recent election reflects the highest gender parity in the entire EU. Some of the female deputies who were sworn in yesterday discuss what this means for Spain

El Roto

El Roto cartoon, May 23, 2019

Spain’s Socialists moving closer to coalition government with Podemos

While acting PM Pedro Sánchez wants to lead a minority administration, lack of support from Ciudadanos and recent events in Congress are prompting him to reconsider

With more Spaniards living alone, pet numbers soar in the cities

The number of registered dogs, cats and rabbits has shot up by 40% in the past five years