Madrid to ease low-emissions zone restrictions: More cars, lower parking fees

The mayor’s new plan, which will come into effect next year, will allow vehicles currently banned to access the center of the capital

Spanish politics

Madrid mayor and far-right leader in heated dispute over gender violence tribute

Vox’s decision not to observe a minute of silence in memory of a woman killed by her ex-partner led to angry scenes between their general secretary and José Luis Martínez-Almeida


After 25 years, Madrid’s Chamartín megaproject is about to get underway

The €7.3 billion plan will create over 240,000 jobs and revitalize the economy, says the new administration in the Spanish capital


In Spain, political gridlock increases likelihood of fresh elections – again

With less than two weeks to go until the investiture vote, the Socialist Party is no closer to a deal as negotiations with the leftist Unidas Podemos remain at an impasse


Madrid traffic levels rise as City Hall suspends fines for entering low-emission zone

The new Popular Party mayor, who is going to take three months to decide what to do about his predecessor’s flagship program, yesterday poked fun at Greenpeace protestors opposed to the move


Vox rejects City Hall deal after spat with Popular Party

The far-right group has accused the conservatives of breaking a power-sharing agreement and has said it will “move to the opposition” in Madrid in response


Conservatives regain control of Madrid City Hall with help from the far right

José Luis Martínez-Almeida of the Popular Party has become mayor with support from Vox, after negotiations that went right down to the wire


Down to the wire: Right-wing parties battle for power in Madrid City Hall

With one day to go before the deadline, Ciudadanos and the Popular Party are in tense negotiations over who should be the next mayor of the Spanish capital


Will a right-wing mayor axe the Madrid Central anti-pollution plan?

José Luis Martínez-Almeida of the Popular Party wants to review the signature program put in place by outgoing leftist city leader Manuela Carmena


Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena defeated at local elections

Despite receiving the worst result in its history, the Popular Party is set to govern the Spanish capital with support from Ciudadanos and the far-right group Vox


The battle against vacation rentals spreads beyond Madrid

Barcelona, Valencia and Palma have also approved regulations to curb the rapid growth in the supply of unlicensed short-stay tourist accommodation


Madrid adopts rules that will shut down over 10,000 holiday apartments

City officials say regulation is required to stop the center from becoming a tourist theme park


Podemos founders go their separate ways ahead of Madrid elections

Pablo Iglesias confirms party split and says he is saddened by the surprise news that his colleague Iñigo Errejón will run with the Madrid mayor in May


Madrid City Hall bans older, more polluting cars from center

Vehicles with no environmental sticker will also be prohibited from using the M-30 ring road. The regional government will not be boosting train or Metro services


Expert: Up to 80% of rape crimes go unreported in Spain

Social stigma and the prospect of a harrowing court ordeal mean the country is among the least likely to call out sexual abuse in the EU


A movement that’s being driven by young women

Spain is currently going through a generational change among feminist movements, one that has been key to organizing the March 8 actions


Political parties reach landmark deal to combat gender violence

Groups agree on raft of 200 measures and a budget of €1bn in a bid to fight problem

drug use in Spain

A portrait of drug use in Spain

Spaniards among biggest substance abusers in Europe with cocaine and cannabis high on list


Madrid region approves new dignified death measures

Palliative care will be provided at hospital or at home, but physician-assisted suicide is not an option

Verne in English

Facebook user faces €30,000 fine for posting video of policeman online

Footage shows seemingly out of shape officer failing to catch escaped psychiatric patient


Spanish city gives green light to same-sex pedestrian crossing signals

San Fernando de Cádiz adopts initiative taken in Vienna two years ago and copied by other cities


‘Help a Dane:’ Denmark asks Spain to save its citizens from skin cancer

Humorous video campaign asks Spaniards for assistance in prevention of deadly disease


Spanish feminist gets brands to pull ads from site over “sexist” content

Twitter user alerted advertisers to an article titled ‘Why are feminists uglier than regular women?’


Thick Madrid fog gives plane passengers stunning views of city

The heavy mist in the Spanish capital caused airport delays and rerouted flights


Did pressure from Catholic group force El Corte Inglés to pull ad featuring gay couple?

HazteOir gathered 21,000 signatures to protest department store “advocating same-sex marriage”


Will English be the EU’s official language post-Brexit?

German and French are already gaining currency, despite English's traditional role as the language of business.