Inside Madrid’s underground parties: ‘If the police arrive, you say you didn’t pay to come and that you brought your own drink’

Club owners are flouting coronavirus restrictions by setting up nighttime bars in tourist apartments where up to 100 youngsters gather without face masks


Amid rising coronavirus cases, around 2,500 people protest in Madrid against the use of face masks

The attendees, many of whom were breaking the law by not using the obligatory face coverings, cited a number of conspiracy theories about the pandemic


Coronavirus crisis spells ruin for Madrid’s ‘Golden Mile’

The lack of foreign tourists, particularly from Asia, is devastating the luxury fashion strip in the Spanish capital


Activists outside Madrid abortion clinic: “Are you here to kill your child?”

Report shows that 89% of women trying to terminate their pregnancies are pressured by pro-life groups


Life in a Chucky costume in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol

In the landmark square, around 30 people dress up as different characters to earn around €50 a day


The shadowy rent-a-womb business thriving in Spain

Surrogacy is not legal here, but there are low-key agencies in the Madrid region representing companies that operate in Ukraine and Georgia


Madrid LGBT activists: “We teach the workshops that Vox wants to ban”

Volunteers speak out after the far-right party requests the names of people who work to raise awareness of the communities at public schools in the region


Madrid traffic levels rise as City Hall suspends fines for entering low-emission zone

The new Popular Party mayor, who is going to take three months to decide what to do about his predecessor’s flagship program, yesterday poked fun at Greenpeace protestors opposed to the move


Why wealthy Spanish seniors are selling their homes, but not moving out

Growing numbers of pensioners struggling to make ends meet are putting their properties on the market at lower prices, on the condition they may continue to live there until they die


“Bank-owned apartment for sale to squatters. Pay in cash”

Madrid's property black market is offering empty homes to buy or rent for a period of two years – the time it takes the repossession to go through the courts