Catalan separatist denied permission to take seat in European Parliament

Supreme Court said that letting Oriol Junqueras leave prison before a verdict is handed down in the recently concluded trial poses a risk, as it would mean letting him go to Brussels


An equitable trial

The Catalan separatist leaders on trial for their involvement in the 2017 secession bid have been given all the guarantees necessary for a fair verdict


The Spanish drug gang whose lavish spending led to their downfall

The traffickers apparently made so much money from selling cocaine that they chose to buy new clothes instead of washing old ones


Madrid’s “hottest street”: 72 bars packed into one kilometer

One out of every two commercial premises on Ponzano is either a drinks or food venue. Visitors love it, but local residents are desperate for solutions to the constant noise and crowds


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, June 14, 2019


Down to the wire: Right-wing parties battle for power in Madrid City Hall

With one day to go before the deadline, Ciudadanos and the Popular Party are in tense negotiations over who should be the next mayor of the Spanish capital