Madrid Fire Department on coronavirus crisis in care homes: ‘There are bodies that no one has collected’

According to official documents seen by EL PAÍS, firefighters were called upon to remove 185 corpses from senior residences in the region


Spain reports 156 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours and 32 deaths in a week

The Spanish Health Ministry has still not updated the total number of victims, which stands at 27,136 for the fifth day running


Scandal over Covid-19 deaths at Madrid nursing homes sparks fierce political row

Regional and central government officials have warned of legal consequences after EL PAÍS revealed that internal protocols excluded some coronavirus patients from hospital admission


Spain records single coronavirus death in 24-hour period

Despite the drop, the Madrid region is preparing for the possibility of new outbreaks as the country scales down confinement measures


In Spain, Valencia stands alone in not requesting looser lockdown

Unlike most other parts of the country, the Mediterranean region has not asked the Health Ministry to move to Phase 2 of the coronavirus deescalation plan


Spanish government announces areas that will move to the next phase of coronavirus deescalation

The administration has rejected the Madrid region’s request to transition to Phase 1, “opting to wait until its primary care detection system is more robust”


Coronavirus deaths in Madrid for second half of March could exceed official figures by 3,000

Deputy regional premier admits that as many as 3,479 of the people who died last month inside the region’s senior centers showed symptoms but were never counted as official victims of Covid-19


Madrid region closes all stores apart from those selling foodstuffs

The restrictions come on the back of the closure of bars and restaurants, but pharmacies, tobacconists and newstands will still be open for business


Spanish explosives experts defuse grenade at Madrid center for minors

The facility has been criticized in the past by far-right groups who claim it is housing young foreign criminals


Madrid chief’s talk of “burning churches” upsets Popular Party colleagues

Regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso was attacking the plans of caretaker Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to exhume ex-dictator Francisco Franco, but the comments are out of step with the conservative group’s strategy for the upcoming election campaign


Madrid region gets its first government propped up by the far right

Conservative candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso was confirmed as the new leader following a tense debate at the regional assembly


Conservative parties strike deal to govern Madrid region

Isabel Díaz Ayuso from the Popular Party is set to become the next premier after Ciudadanos agreed to accept the demands made by the far-right group Vox


In Spain, political gridlock increases likelihood of fresh elections – again

With less than two weeks to go until the investiture vote, the Socialist Party is no closer to a deal as negotiations with the leftist Unidas Podemos remain at an impasse


Vox rejects City Hall deal after spat with Popular Party

The far-right group has accused the conservatives of breaking a power-sharing agreement and has said it will “move to the opposition” in Madrid in response


Conservatives regain control of Madrid City Hall with help from the far right

José Luis Martínez-Almeida of the Popular Party has become mayor with support from Vox, after negotiations that went right down to the wire


Down to the wire: Right-wing parties battle for power in Madrid City Hall

With one day to go before the deadline, Ciudadanos and the Popular Party are in tense negotiations over who should be the next mayor of the Spanish capital


Barcelona taxi drivers end strike; Madrid stoppage enters day four

Sector accepts Catalan government’s new pre-booking requirements for ride-sharing services such as Uber and Cabify


Podemos founders go their separate ways ahead of Madrid elections

Pablo Iglesias confirms party split and says he is saddened by the surprise news that his colleague Iñigo Errejón will run with the Madrid mayor in May


Divisions within right-wing alliance in Andalusia underscore rocky road ahead

Far-right Vox, whose support is required to eject the PSOE from power, is already clashing with Ciudadanos


Spanish youths: trapped at home with mom and dad

Nearly 50% of Madrid’s 18- to 35-year-olds cannot move out due to low pay, high property prices and the boom in holiday rentals

Disaster prevention

Madrid prepares to confront radioactive emergencies

The region is the first without a nuclear plant to draw up a contingency plan


Killing the memory of Spanish activist Yolanda González

Vandals have defaced the plaque paying tribute to the young student murdered by far-right militants in 1980

Community Health

Gypsy women in Spain poised to start a health revolution

Madrid region taking advantage of female clout in the 90,000-strong Roma community for a preventive healthcare pilot scheme

Crisis in Catalonia

New Catalan premier visits Puigdemont in Berlin, asks for end to direct rule

Spain’s two main parties renew their agreement to fight “challenges” by Catalan leader


Scandals force former Madrid premier Cristina Cifuentes to quit politics

Embattled Popular Party leader has given up her seat in the regional assembly and thus brought an end to her 30-year political career


Spain’s ruling Popular Party fears fallout after Madrid premier quits

Cristina Cifuentes shoplifting case has put the PP back in crisis mode ahead of elections in 2019 and 2020