EU deal may help Spain pass budget, but limit labor reform

All parties hailed the €140 billion allocation to help fight the effects of the coronavirus, but the money comes with conditions that could cause friction between the coalition partners


Scandal over Covid-19 deaths at Madrid nursing homes sparks fierce political row

Regional and central government officials have warned of legal consequences after EL PAÍS revealed that internal protocols excluded some coronavirus patients from hospital admission

Confusion reigns in Spain over deal with Basque party to repeal labor reform

The agreement with EH Bildu, which was announced late last night to the surprise of other groups, was subject to a late-night “rectification” by the Socialist Party


Unidas Podemos proposes new tax on large fortunes for coronavirus recovery effort

The anti-austerity group, which is a junior partner in Spain’s coalition government, claims the new levy will raise €11 billion


Social life under Spain’s deescalation plan: When can I expect to visit family and friends?

Here is an overview of what the relaxation of the coronavirus confinement measures means for outings to cinemas, restaurants and bars, as well as summer vacations


Spanish government puts private healthcare firms at the orders of the regions

Companies that are holding or that can manufacture health materials such as protective masks have been given 48 hours to inform the authorities on risk of fines for failing to do so


More Spanish politicians confirm they have been infected with the coronavirus

The leader of the far-right Vox party, Santiago Abascal, has announced via Twitter that he has Covid-19. The Spanish royal family has tested negative for the virus

November 2019 General Election

Spain: How an “impossible” governing coalition was clinched in an hour

Within two days of Sunday’s repeat election, the Socialist Party and Unidas Podemos struck a deal that they had been unable to agree on for six months

Catalan independence bid

Catalan separatists march in Madrid against trial of their leaders

Tens of thousands of people, including the premier Quim Torra, filled the Spanish capital with signs and flags


Lima climate summit ends with last-minute pledge by 196 nations

But critics say non-binding text does not do enough to fight greenhouse gas emissions

Economic differences bog down climate change negotiations in Lima

Developed nations have donated just 10% of the target amount for the Green Climate Fund

latin america

Sinaloa Cartel capo agrees to cooperate with US drug authorities

Zambrada Niebla is the son of the powerful drug organization's leader Plea agreement with US Justice Department surprises Mexican officials

latin america

Inmates in Mexico hold the government hostage from their prison cells

Corrupt wardens allow prisoners to obtain cellphones and switch off signal jammers

Latin America

Mexico’s “disappeared” children

A 15-year-old girl's reappearance could be the key to uncovering more about a secret sect

latin america

Mexico begins opening up its telecommunications sector

Regulator announces it will put new TV licenses out for bids


Vatican says sorry for pedophilia, but continues to protect its own

United Nations report calls on Holy See to hand over priests accused of sexual abuse

Mexican abuse victims ask that Vatican be tried for crimes of state

UN committee to meet Thursday to examine historic sexual crimes covered up by Catholic Church


Searching mothers ask Mexico to help find their children

Central American women cross country in search of offspring who disappeared en route to US


Peña Nieto surprises Mexicans by ceding ground to disgruntled teachers

Leaked document of a secret meeting suggests PRI government will tweak education law


A Mexican “patron saint” of social outcasts

Peña Nieto dedicates new pardons law to Tzotzil schoolteacher unjustly accused of murder


Guerrero and Michoacán, two lawless states

Two western areas engulfed in a spiral of violence beyond the government’s control


“They do the job that the authorities should be doing”


Peña Nieto vows to take control in volatile Michoacán state

Security forces are expected to comb neighborhoods to crack down on soaring violence

Colombia uncovers assassination plot against researchers and journalist

Santos government believes hired hitman has traveled to Bogota to carry out murders


Mexico’s states struggle with soaring debts left by their outgoing governors

Lack of transparency and corruption in loan applications threaten growth and development

“A state that doesn’t know where 30,000 of its citizens are is unworthy of the name”

Poet Javier Sicilia founded a victims' movement after his son was murdered

Half of Mexican babies now born by C-section procedures

Caesareans are a growing national trend, despite the WHO’s warnings of risks