Coronavirus cases and hospital admissions are growing in nearly all of Spain

The threshold of 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, considered to be the maximum alert level, was passed on August 20. Since then the virus has not stopped spreading


Excess deaths in second wave: 11,000 victims since July

The number of unexpected fatalities calculated by the National Statistics Institute in Spain is double the official coronavirus death toll. The total is nearly 59,000 since March


Covid-19 incidence exceeds 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 16 areas of Madrid with no new restrictions

Premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso warns that more neighborhoods may be placed under selective lockdown, while Health Minister Salvador Illa recommends residents in the region stay at home


Coronavirus crisis in Spain: data from 10 regions shows rise in cases and hospital admissions

After a months-long downward trend, the country is now reporting more than 1,000 new infections a day, while outbreaks have been detected across the territory


The map of Spain’s coronavirus outbreaks: 40% are linked to family gatherings

Since the beginning of the deescalation process, at least 105 infection clusters have been detected in the country, according to data collated by EL PAÍS


Six Spanish provinces saw twice as many deaths during Covid-19 crisis as in a normal year

Excess fatalities since March were highest in Segovia, Madrid, Guadalajara, Ciudad Real, Soria and Albacete


Spain’s excess deaths during coronavirus crisis reach 43,000

New figures sent in by civil registries show an additional 12,000 fatalities in Catalonia, the Madrid region and Castilla-La Mancha


Antibody study shows just 5% of Spaniards have contracted the coronavirus

Preliminary findings of the survey reveal that over 90% of infections have gone undetected by the healthcare system


Ten of Spain’s regions have detected at least 419,000 posible coronavirus cases

Unlike the 190,000 confirmed patients in Spain so far, these people have not been given tests but present symptoms compatible with Covid-19


Spain’s intensive care units finally get some respite after coronavirus overload

Admissions in ICUs are beginning to slow after a fall in emergency room cases, but experts call for caution and for the public to keep their guard up

November 10 General Election

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Zipcode check: How did your neighbor vote in the 2019 Spanish election?

Here is a detailed interactive map of the results of Sunday’s poll, down to each street block


Spanish politicians clash over Catalonia in first televised debate

The Monday night event revealed the deep divide between the left-wing and right-wing blocs ahead of the general election on April 28


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For residents of Madrid’s city center, trendiness is offset by industrial levels of noise

Some homeowners in the Malasaña neighborhood have sound meters showing alarming exposure to decibels, due mostly to the vibrant nightlife. Now they are campaigning to make their homes more livable

Living in Spain

What is causing the steady exodus of children from downtown Madrid?

Families with kids continue to abandon the heart of the capital as prices rise along with tourist numbers

Taxi strike

Why has traffic in Madrid improved with the taxi strike?

Each cab travels around 200 kilometers a day, but most of the time, they’re driving around empty looking for passengers


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