Spain’s macro study shows just 5.2% of population has contracted the coronavirus

The results of the second round of testing suggest the deescalation of confinement measures has not so far caused a significant resurgence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus


New coronavirus outbreaks in Spain inevitable, warn experts

As the country gradually eases confinement measures, epidemiologists say a spike in infections is likely and that more vigilance and testing are needed


Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and ICU admissions in Spain at lowest level since March

The number of fatalities rose slightly on yesterday to 70, after three days around the 50-mark


In Spain, Valencia stands alone in not requesting looser lockdown

Unlike most other parts of the country, the Mediterranean region has not asked the Health Ministry to move to Phase 2 of the coronavirus deescalation plan


How Europe underestimated the danger of the coronavirus pandemic

A review of the minutes from a meeting of the continent’s top health experts in February reveals that there was little understanding of how great a risk Covid-19 posed to the population


Madrid government overstates reliability of 100,000 coronavirus tests for health workers

An internal document says that the products are much less accurate than the regional premier has claimed, with one in three results false positives


Scaling back confinement in Spain: More critical care beds and improved testing

Health authorities have issued guidelines for regions to follow to ensure coronavirus contagion rates continue to decline despite deescalation


Seniors in Spain may also be allowed to go out for walks from May 2

The news comes after the Spanish Health Ministry announced a significant fall in daily coronavirus deaths, with 288 fatalities in 24 hours


Spain ranks first for Covid-19 infections among healthcare workers

Experts blame lack of foresight by authorities for the high impact of the coronavirus on Spanish professionals


Spain sees new drop in daily coronavirus deaths, but total exceeds 15,000

A month after the outbreak began, the country is still struggling to find a reliable way to count the victims


Why does Spain have the world’s highest coronavirus mortality rate?

Experts attribute the problem to a range of factors, including an aging population and slow early detection efforts


Drop in intensive care patients brings hope to Spanish hospitals

The pressure on emergency rooms is easing, with healthcare workers optimistic that the lockdown measures are slowing the coronavirus outbreak


Spain sets a grim new record with 832 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours

Fatalities reach 5,704 but the real figure could be higher as untested victims are not being counted, study finds


Coronavirus is spreading faster and further through Spain than in Italy

Unlike the Alpine country, where 80% of deaths were in the same three regions, in Spanish territory there has been an accelerated rise in cases in regions that had not previously been affected


In deadliest day yet, Spain registers 462 coronavirus deaths in just 24 hours

Madrid’s Palacio del Hielo ice rink could soon become a morgue for victims of Covid-19. The government expects the peak of infections to be reached this week


Spain exceeds 1,000 coronavirus deaths with no clear idea if peak is close

“The worst days are on their way,” warned Health Minister Salvador Illa on Friday


Spanish doctors prepare to make difficult decisions if intensive care units reach capacity

Officials admit the worst is yet to come as Spain exceeds 1,000 deaths and field hospitals start going up across the country


Madrid hospitals saw one coronavirus death every 16 minutes on Monday

The Covid-19 disease caused 88 victims in a single day in the region, pushing health centers to the limit


Lack of testing hampering Spain’s efforts to slow coronavirus outbreak

Medical associations warned weeks ago that more resources were needed to diagnose cases of Covid-19, which has proven to help curb the number of infections in countries like South Korea


Spanish government puts private healthcare firms at the orders of the regions

Companies that are holding or that can manufacture health materials such as protective masks have been given 48 hours to inform the authorities on risk of fines for failing to do so


Catalan premier calls for central government to help isolate entire region

“We believe that we have to anticipate a very fast evolution of the disease in our country,” says Quim Torra in televised address on Friday night


Madrid closes centers for seniors in bid to stop coronavirus contagion

The measure will affect 213 different sites across the region, but does not include day centers attending dependant persons nor around 400 care homes


Spain recommends sports matches be played behind closed doors over coronavirus fears

The Health Ministry has also advised the cancelation of medical congresses and meetings in order to keep medical staff available


Spain reports first locally transmitted coronavirus case

A man in the Madrid region is in serious condition as the national tally rises to 17, confirming suspicions that the virus had been circulating for days without being detected


Spanish hospitals starting to test for coronavirus among patients with pneumonia

The new measure is being taken in a number of health centers on the suspicion that the Covid-19 virus may have been circulating in Spain for several days now without being detected


Nearly 1,000 tourists in isolation at a Spanish hotel after man tests positive for coronavirus

Another case was confirmed in Spain on Tuesday, the first in the Catalonia region. The total number of Covid-19 cases registered in Spain is now at five


Spanish Congress approves first step toward a euthanasia law

Right-wing parties are accusing the coalition government of wanting to save on pension payments and healthcare costs through a “social engineering project”