Fake news

British media falsely warn of “mega eruption” at Tenerife’s Teide volcano

Outlets like 'The Sun' and the 'Daily Mail' claimed a seismic swarm could lead to an imminent blast

Hechos blog

‘Help Catalonia’: a video full of falsehoods

Propaganda-style film by Catalan independence association Òmnium Cultural is based on misinformation


Has ‘Despacito’ sparked a 45% increase in visitor numbers to Puerto Rico?

The Latino media’s claims do not withstand scrutiny, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

Mas and Rajoy open EU- Mediterranean summit in Barcelona

Catalan premier and Spanish PM coincide at meeting to discuss immigration and terrorism


Spain’s roads currently in worst condition since 1985, says new study

Spending of €6.2 billion on repairs is required, but 2014 budget shows more cuts “The state of maintenance is deficient, borderline very deficient,” notes the report.

20 new rules to remember for Spanish road users

Government’s recently passed reforms will mean heftier fines for violators Alcohol tests for pedestrians and a ban on speed camera detectors among the new measures

Student who filmed himself driving from passenger seat reports to police

Authorities’ appeal to public for identity of 20-year-old was successful in just 24 hours


If you hit a wild boar, it’s your fault

New draft road safety law is up for debate in Senate as experts warn of “dramatic” consequences


Government reform paves way for 130km/h speed limit on Spain’s roads

Tougher sanctions will be introduced for driving under the influence of alcohol or with traces of drug use

Spanish forces hand over control of Badghis base to Afghan army

Close to 100 Spanish military personnel died during the mission

road safety

Have road crash victims become just another statistic?

As the death toll on Spain's highways comes down, families of those killed feel neglected


Kings of the road apps

There are dozens of cellphone programs aimed at making drivers' lives easier They can warn about speed cameras or even tell you where you parked your car


Court finds pair guilty for baby’s fatal injuries after biker swiped stroller

Motorcyclist was under the influence while infant girl’s aunt acted imprudently in crossing the road, judge rules


Cyclists and opposition parties revolt over bike helmet plan

Government wants to make headgear obligatory in cities

road safety

Should cyclists be forced to wear helmets in Spain's city centers?

The traffic authority's plans to make the measure obligatory has angered many


Highway speed limit to be set at 130kmp/h where possible

Meteorological conditions and traffic volume will regulate temporary increase

Marcelo latest Real Madrid star caught offside in his car

Brazilian player found to be still driving after passing legal limit of license points

Justice Ministry pardons second dangerous driver sentenced to jail

Case comes just days after controversial reprieve from 13-year sentence for “kamikaze” who killed fellow road user

Road deaths decline to levels of 1960s

Road trips fall due to economic crisis


Slowing down the cities

Spain is about to join the Europe-wide trend of imposing a 30 km/h speed limit in built-up areas The evidence shows that it reduces accidents and road deaths


Crisis brings down road traffic deaths and driver numbers

Only one killed over a weekend for first time ever

Radar speed checks: is safety or revenue the main concern?

New report suggests clearly signaling speed traps slows motorists down


Not so much as a can of beer

Spain's road-safety agency says it is considering a total ban on drivers drinking before getting behind the wheel


"We must alter the profile: seniors and women are having more accidents"

The director general of the DGT highway safety authority María Seguí talks about her policies

Public health official was running doctor's office in Portugal

Commissioner in Extremadura was running opthalmology practice across the border Francisco Javier Fernández Perianes admits "putting his foot in it"