Sophia: The EU naval mission without any ships

Launched in 2015 to combat human smuggling in the Mediterranean, the operation has been all but dismantled, symbolizing European division on immigration policy


The fight for justice for murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

In 2017, a car bomb killed the investigative reporter intent on exposing political corruption on the tiny Mediterranean island. A year and half later, it is still not known who was behind her death


The dark side of Ukraine’s surrogacy boom

Lack of oversight, lax regulations and a failing economy have made the eastern European country one of the most popular destinations to find a surrogate mother


Valencia takes paella to the next level

Spain’s most emblematic dish is also its most corrupted. Paella has become the generic term for hundreds of random rice recipes. But demand for the real thing is growing. The dish may need no translation these days, but it’s time to talk about its roots. This is a trip from the wetlands of La Albufera where the rice is grown, to the Michelin-starred restaurants where the humble grain is transformed into haute cuisine


Spanish couples undergoing surrogacy processes left in legal limbo in Ukraine

A total of 30 families are unable to secure passports for their children, after the Foreign Affairs Ministry says it has detected reports of malpractice and possible trafficking


One in three Spanish women has felt sexually harassed, new poll finds

In a country in which barely any statistical data exists on the issue, experts and unions believe that the problem is going under-reported


Will Spain ever legalize surrogacy?

Faced with a growing trend, politicians need to take a stand on the issue, but deep divisions prevail


Spain struggles with surrogate pregnancy issue

Practice is illegal here but debate rages over whether surrogacy is a right or a form of exploitation


Colombia’s FARC guerrillas declare unilateral and indefinite ceasefire

Government must decide whether to do the same or risk ending truce via military action


Are Colombia’s talks with FARC guerrillas near the end?

President Santos’ European tour and presence of group chiefs in Havana suggest progress


Santos: “We have come further in the peace process than ever before”

The Colombian president begins his European tour to build support for FARC negotiations


“The war on drugs is not our war”

The US is partly to blame for the country’s immigration problems, argues leader

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Santos: “The key is how much justice can be sacrificed in the name of peace”

The newly re-elected Colombian president discusses the continuation of the FARC talks

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Colombia’s Santos wins re-election with peace message

Incumbent receives nearly 51 percent of votes compared with 45 percent for challenger Zuluaga

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Petty crime a major challenge in Colombia

Cellphone thefts, often involving violence, are number one form of robbery in Bogotá


Relations with Venezuela widen gap between Colombia’s contenders

But opposition leader Oscar Iván Zuluaga may have to soften his rhetoric if elected on Sunday

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Colombia announces peace talks with second-largest guerrilla movement

The National Liberation Army, with 1,500 members, is responsible for numerous kidnappings

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Colombian candidates wrestle over FARC negotiations in TV debate

Presidential contenders Santos and Zuluaga stress their divergent views over peace process

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Inequality drags back Colombian growth

As the economy rises 4.7% a year, the gap between rich and poor remains one of world’s largest Inadequate education and a sizeable informal economy are the main factors

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Zuluaga’s message of fear seduces Colombian voters

President Santos’ rival has capitalized on the feeling that the government is selling out to the FARC Incumbent leader has failed to sell peace process convincingly in election race

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Challenger Zuluaga wins first round of voting in Colombian elections

Result is blow to incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos and his peace talks with FARC guerrillas


War as usual in Colombia

Dialogue with the FARC is the main topic on the presidential campaign trail But Colombians are skeptical about the success of the peace process


Colombia’s Santos accuses rival of “sabotaging peace process”

But Democratic Center candidate claims slander campaign ahead of Sunday elections


La Roja’s dangerous liaisons

The Spanish soccer team’s first-ever match in Equatorial Guinea, an oil-rich dictatorship, raises ethical questions