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Zuluaga’s message of fear seduces Colombian voters

President Santos’ rival has capitalized on the feeling that the government is selling out to the FARC Incumbent leader has failed to sell peace process convincingly in election race

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Victim’s funeral brings Mexico’s Heavens kidnapping case to symbolic end

As Jerzy Ortiz is laid to rest, motives behind deaths of 13 people abducted from club remain unclear

“You can tell a lot about a prime minister by their food foibles”

Chef Julio González de Buitrago spent more than 30 years cooking for six Spanish prime ministers Now that he is retiring, he has decided to divulge a few culinary state secrets in a memoir


IMF calls on Spain to raise VAT and lower corporate taxes

Other measures recommended by local mission include tax pardons for struggling companies


A responsible politician

Socialist leader Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba has acknowledged his party’s European defeat and is making way for leadership changes


Podemos: A party under construction

The surprise success story at Sunday’s elections has its roots in the 15-M protest movement With an undefined structure, the group must now get organized to hold its eurodeputies accountable


Amazon takes on Spain’s fashion giants

Spanish branch of US web retailer opens clothing store to compete with Inditex and El Corte Inglés