The Balkan mafias wielding their power in Spain

Members of around 100 criminal groups from Eastern Europe are living in the country, locked in a battle over control of the drug trade


Former soldier arrested for shooting at photos of Spanish PM and ministers in a firing range

In the video of the incident, a gunman is seen firing at the images of several high-profile politicians, including Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias


Opposition calls for minister to quit over leaked memo about Civil Guard colonel’s sacking

The confidential document contradicts Interior chief Fernando Grande-Marlaska’s version of events about the dismissal last week of Diego Pérez de los Cobos


Civil Guard dismissal sparks political row in Spain

Deputy PM asks opposition whether it is encouraging insubordination by the law enforcement agency, and PP spokeswoman calls him “the son of a terrorist”


Spanish Civil Guard official sacked over Covid-19 report

Interior Ministry denies the move is connected with a court investigation into the government's authorization of mass gatherings just days ahead of the coronavirus lockdown


Notorious Franco-era cop ‘Billy the Kid’ dies from coronavirus

Antonio González Pacheco, a police officer accused of torturing hundreds of victims under the Spanish dictatorship, passed away at the age of 73


Spain insists ‘no serious breaches’ committed on first day of children outings

Photos of large groups of people and youngsters playing soccer went viral on Sunday, raising concern that families were breaking the relaxed confinement measures


Getting around Spain’s lockdown rules: the motorcyclist who traveled 21km to buy bread

Civil Guard officers have heard all sort of excuses from people for breaking the coronavirus confinement, and have fined 3,695 drivers for traveling to their second homes


Spanish authorities arrest 926 people for breaking rules of lockdown

Interior minister says most residents are observing the conditions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, but points out that a four-month sentence has already been handed down to one offender


Spanish airports and ports also closed in bid to slow spread of coronavirus

As at land borders, only residents will be able to enter the country by air or sea, with exceptions for certain professions or for reasons of force majeure


Spain’s invisible multi-million-euro marijuana business

Criminal groups are paying as much as €5,000 per harvest to low-income families who agree to grow the drug in their homes


Spanish minister’s secret meeting with Venezuelan vice-president sparks political storm

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez claims that José Luis Ábalos “did what he could to avoid a diplomatic crisis” given that Delcy Rodríguez is banned from entering the European Union


Police sources: Minister met Venezuelan vice-president to avoid her entry into Spain

Media reports claim that transportation chief José Luis Ábalos had secret talks with Delcy Rodríguez inside a private aircraft in Madrid’s Barajas airport in the early hours of Monday


Spanish police arrest captain of the ‘narco-submarine’

Authorities had been looking for the man since last week, when they intercepted the submersible with three tons of cocaine on board

Drug trade

Spanish police take stock of ‘narco-submarine’ contents: over three tons of cocaine

New details emerge about “historic operation” that seized a drug shipment with a market value of €100 million

Drug trade

Coke float: Spain’s Civil Guard salvages the ‘narco-submarine’

Two crew members were arrested when the vessel, which is thought to be carrying 3,000 kilos of cocaine, was left to sink near the Galician coast last Sunday

Drug trade

Is the Spanish coast littered with single-use ‘narco-submarines’?

After the first drug-laden submersible ever caught in European waters was seized on Sunday, police are wondering whether there are more such vessels at the bottom of the sea


Europe’s first ‘narco-submarine’ caught off Spain with 3,000 kilos of cocaine

Two crew members were arrested and a third got away during the joint operation on Sunday in the northwestern Galicia region

November 10 General Election

Thousands of police officers deployed in Catalonia ahead of general election

Following recent street disturbances by radical independence activists, the authorities are sending reinforcements to guarantee security at polling stations on Sunday

Islamic State

Prosecutors harden position on bringing Spanish ISIS women home

The High Court is concerned that the jihadists could indoctrinate young people once they are repatriated from Syria


‘Head in a box’ crime: Cleaning lady may have unwittingly disposed of body

According to sources from the investigation into the apparent murder of 67-year-old Jesús Mari Baranda, the domestic employee was asked to throw away a number of large trash bags


Woman in custody after giving neighbor box containing her partner’s severed head

The homicide suspect, María del Carmen M.G., had claimed the package was full of sex toys, but in fact it contained the decomposing body part of victim Jesús María B. R.

Gabriel Cruz Murder Case

Trial for murder of eight-year-old Gabriel Cruz begins in Almería

Seven women and two men will decide the fate of Ana Julia Quezada, the self-confessed killer of the child, who was the son of her boyfriend at the time of his death in 2018


Medication found near body of Spanish skier Blanca Fernández Ochoa

A massive search for the 1992 Olympic bronze medalist came to a tragic end on Wednesday, when the 56-year-old’s corpse was located in the Sierra de Madrid mountains


Missing Olympic skier Blanca Fernández Ochoa found dead in Madrid mountains

The search operation for the 1992 bronze medalist was the biggest ever rolled out in the region


Man who killed wife and son in Tenerife cave showing no remorse

The suspect has only spoken to ask for medication for his aching leg, but has shown no interest in his surviving son Jonas, leading investigators to believe the crime was premeditated


“I never searched for my daughter in case they told me she was dead”

Manuela Grande, the mother of one of the Spaniards identified in Syria, tells EL PAÍS about the tough childhood of Luna Fernández and explains how the husband radicalized her