The battle over the primeval forest of Bialowieza

The EU stopped logging in Poland’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, but recent government plans have caused fresh alarm among environmentalists


In the Mexican state of Veracruz, death has no face

EL PAÍS reconstructs the last hours of Génesis Urrutia, a student who was found dead in early October


Seaweed invasion threatening tourism on Mexico’s Caribbean coast

Changes in water conditions causing huge influx of gulfweed in popular vacation spots

Latin America

Mexican president comes under fire over pick for Supreme Court justice

Former attorney general’s record as investigator is being questioned


Tension rises in Guerrero more than 100 days after Iguala tragedy

Parents of missing trainee teachers clash with Mexican army at demonstration


Mexico’s indispensable indigenous midwives

More than 3,000 unlicensed women assist with births in poverty-stricken Chiapas state


“Mexico is outraged by barbarism and atrocities such as the Iguala case”

González assumes the office of the president at National Human Rights Commission


Video links politicians to the Mexican narcotics trade

A recording shows the son of a former Michoacán governor meeting with drug boss La Tuta


“When we are talking about children, the use of military force is never justifiable”

Mexico’s foreign minister and California’s governor address the US-Mexican border crisis

Mexico’s López Obrador registers new leftist party to run in 2015 election

Critics warn that new group Morena will break up unity of the left and lead to less representation


Rebel states boycott Mexico’s education reform

New study finds nearly 2,000 ghost schools that are receiving public funding Some teachers are earning more than President Enrique Peña Nieto

latin america

Michoacán’s vigilantes divided on eve of disbandment deadline

Violence continues to grip the Mexican state despite government sweep against drug cartel

latin america

Michoacán’s murder rate soars despite government’s security actions

Mexico's national homicide rate has dropped but kidnappings are on the rise

latin america

Mexican vigilante leader accused in a double-murder conspiracy

Rifts begin to show among self-defense forces in Michoacán

latin america

Mexican troops kill Michoacán drug lord who had been reported dead

Whereabouts of Templarios cartel founder ‘El Chayo’ have been shrouded in mystery

Latin America

Today’s child workers; tomorrow’s poor

Latin American countries are locked in debate over regulation or abolition of practice

latin america

Michoacán’s self-defense forces celebrate their one-year anniversary

Controversial spokesman Mireles appears at public festivities held for vigilantes

latin america

Vigilantes appoint new spokesman following Mireles’ EL PAÍS interview

Self-defense forces’ successor chief says he does not share negative views on government plan

LATin America

“No one is going to disarm”

Michaocán self-defense forces leaders calls Mexico's moves to legitimize vigilantes a “big show”


Mexican government begins process of legalizing vigilante groups

Self-defense forces will be allowed to take part in rural security operations

Families return to disaster-hit Mexico town to search for missing loved ones

Mud still covers La Pintada from torrential rains that punished Guerrero state


The “peaceful” Mexican town where 67 bodies have been dug up

La Barca officials blame the violence on volatile Michoacán state next door

Mexican armed forces take control of country's most important port

Last Monday the Mexican army took control of this port located in the state of Michoacan


No relief from terror in Mexico’s Michoacán state

Drug traffickers and vigilantes continue to up the ante in cities


Rivers of mud and mixed resignation break Mexico’s calm after the storm

Death toll from torrential rains stands at 57 with thousands of homeless sitting in shelters


Pause in teachers’ protest allows Mexico to celebrate its independence

Demonstrators are dislodged from the Zócalo so that “grito” ceremony can take place


Bus drivers in Ciudad Juárez scared off by “vengeful” murderess

“Diana, the hunter” tells a newspaper she was punishing those who raped her and others