Latin America

Today’s child workers; tomorrow’s poor

Latin American countries are locked in debate over regulation or abolition of practice

Popular Party fast-tracks quashing of universal justice

Decision is “a dark day for human rights,” says opposition

latin america

Petrobras struggles to regain investors’ confidence

Putting fuel prices in Brazil in line with global market rates is a political dilemma for Rousseff


Lower funding and red tape holding back Spain’s top science agency

Saved from bankruptcy by a public bailout, the CSIC says future still looks “tough”


Bitcoin: winged, but still in the air

Virtual currencies, if they are to survive, need to be regulated


So long

After 12-and-a-half years of adding local Spanish value to the 'International New York Times,' Friday's edition of the EL PAÍS supplement was the last

mobile world congress

Jon Matonis: “The bitcoin will survive”

Economist’s mission is to bring prestige back to currency and convince authorities that it is valid


Telefónica chief sees firms such as Google being regulated like telecoms operators

Telecoms giant confirms interest in selling Digital Plus stake


“You have to see this before you die”

A daily lottery allows a handful of people into reopened Altamira cave complex


Telefónica’s earnings declined 17 percent last year

Revenues dropped 8.5 percent due to currency factors Telecoms giant reduced its debt by 5.878 billion euros


“Google did not bid for WhatsApp”

Search engine company’s Sundar Pichai denies attempt to compete with Facebook on purchase


Spanish economy grew 0.2 percent in last quarter of 2013

Figure is 0.1 points below initial estimate


Oscar: a reluctant Latin lover

In 85 years only 21 Ibero-American filmmakers have won an Academy Award

This week’s movie releases

Steve Coogan helps Judi Dench search for the son she gave up 50 years before in Philomena

Top European Court rules against health tax imposed on fuels

ECJ argues that the levy breaches directive on special levies

“Billy the Kid” to face High Court extradition hearing in April

Judges will determine next steps for former police inspector, who is wanted in Argentina

Singer Ana Torroja to stand trial for tax fraud

Mallorca connection sees former Mecano vocalist reeled in for alleged evasion


Battle for the Mosque of Córdoba

Andalusian government disputes bishopric’s ownership, control and management of the building, a symbol of coexistence between civilizations


Clash of civilizations?

Russian nationalists would see deep historical betrayal in the forced Europeanization of their Ukrainian brothers

Javier Bardem quip causes diplomatic crisis between France and Morocco

Actor says he is simply supporting human rights in Western Sahara

state of the nation debate

Rubalcaba and Rajoy tied in post-debate poll

Result is big improvement for Socialist opposition leader after being trounced last year