Portugal and Spain: same peninsula, very different coronavirus impact

Early action by Portuguese authorities is being credited for the country’s low death and infection figures


Iberolux: The proposal to merge Spain and Portugal

The mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, says that the two countries would benefit from closer cooperation


Iker Casillas stable after heart attack, but will he play again?

Spanish goalkeeper who now plays for FC Porto may never go back to top-level soccer, say some cardiologists


Madonna’s farewell from Portugal turns sour over row involving a horse

The pop icon could not get permission to allow the animal inside a 19th-century palace for a music video shoot, and has since accused the Portuguese of being ungrateful


“Sea or river?” The stark choice Lisbon airport gave a stricken plane for landing

For two hours on Sunday, an aircraft from a Kazakhstani airline was left in the air with no controls. It eventually touched down safely escorted by two F-16 fighter jets


Papa don’t park: Lisbon locals decry favoritism over Madonna parking lot

Critics claim US pop star has been given a special deal after she was granted a space for her vehicles for just €720 a month


The Portuguese fado singer who charmed Madonna

The younger sister of famed performer Amalia Rodrigues continues to perform at age 94


How Portugal became the cool kid on the euro bloc

To the surprise of many, the unassuming country has won some of the world's top political posts


Authorities on the trail of Portuguese ‘tech giant’ with no employees

Yupido has social capital valued at €29 billion, equivalent to 15% of Portugal’s entire GDP

Portugal fire

“There were balls of fire flying through the air”

Residents describe horror of perfect meteorological storm that caused huge blaze in Portugal

National stereotypes

Wanted: cheery workers (Portuguese need not apply)

Cascais businessman snubs local women as “they are depressed and dissatisfied with life”


Perfect your all-over tan along Portugal’s Atlantic coastline

Spain's western neighbor has miles and miles of unspoiled beaches where nudists can enjoy the sun in privacy

2015 Spanish general elections

Socialist leader proposes forming Portugal-style “progressive coalition”

But Pedro Sánchez fails to say which of Spain’s parties it might include during Lisbon visit

2015 Spanish general elections

Rajoy preparing government and Popular Party for fresh elections

Acting PM hoping to convince Socialists that a minority PP administration is in their interest


Are these the 10 best streets in Europe?

EL PAÍS correspondents choose their favorite thoroughfares in the cities where they live


The allure of Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is experiencing a tourism boom like no other major European city EL PAÍS singles out some of its lesser-known spots in search of the secrets of its success


Portugal’s 30 best beaches

The country’s 943km of coast boasts the kind of unspoilt spots that Spain enjoyed 50 years ago

mobile world congress

Jon Matonis: “The bitcoin will survive”

Economist’s mission is to bring prestige back to currency and convince authorities that it is valid


Eight trends to follow at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress

Bigger, cheaper phones, more apps and wearables will dominate this year’s showcase of the future in mobile telephony


Facebook acquires WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars

Move confirms strategic move to buy up services with younger users

Rave reviews for US-Spanish comic that foresaw Snowden scandal

Prescient publication 'The Private Eye' is only available to online readers


Spain and Latin America turn their backs on the iPhone

Two regions have lowest market share of Apple devices, says Kantar Worldpanel report


Bloomfits: gifts that bring human benefits

Entrepreneur Santi Costa has created the non-business website People offer objects and services for free and expect nothing in return


From ‘Apple Computer’ to ‘Apple Lifestyle’

New exec Angela Ahrendts opens the door to a collection of luxury accessories bearing the bitten apple logo


The great traitor

Microsoft’s Elop has hollowed out Nokia from within the heart of the Finnish former giant


Apple joins the craze for big phones

From Steve Jobs’ “perfect size” of 3.5 inches, new models will now measure 5.7 inches


Apple launches its greatest overhaul in history

CEO Tim Cook expected to unveil a slate of new products on Monday