Mas and Rajoy open EU- Mediterranean summit in Barcelona

Catalan premier and Spanish PM coincide at meeting to discuss immigration and terrorism

Latin America

Brazilians hold second anti-government protest in a month

Thousands pour out on to the streets of São Paulo to demand Rousseff’s resignation


The allure of Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is experiencing a tourism boom like no other major European city EL PAÍS singles out some of its lesser-known spots in search of the secrets of its success


Former archbishop sparks outrage over “scandalous” retirement plans

Cardinal Antonio María Rouco is reported to have moved into a €1.7m apartment in Madrid Figures from inside and outside the Church are calling for protests against his life of luxury

Latin America

Challenges ahead for Obama, with US lawmakers skeptical about Cuba

US leader holds meeting with Raúl Castro, but declines to take country off terrorism list


New voter poll shows Podemos still in the lead but losing momentum

Ciudadanos continues to rise rapidly, confirming that four parties will vie for power at polls


The year that Spaniards paid the most tax

The fiscal burden of citizens in 2014 was the highest seen in at least two decades With elections looming and signs of recovery in sight, households may get some relief

How a tiny Castellón village became Spain’s street art capital

The 320 inhabitants of Fanzara have invited graffiti artists to decorate the entire town