Spanish government secures pledge for budget deal with Catalan, Basque support

The center-left executive expects greater political stability in exchange for concessions on regional taxes and spending control


Bank of Spain eyes tax hikes to offset soaring debt from Covid-19 crisis

Central bank announces its medium-term plan for an economy that contracted 5.2% in the first quarter due to the lockdown


Spanish PM calls on European Union for a Marshall Plan and ‘coronabonds’

Pedro Sánchez on Sunday requested a major public investment plan that would serve to stimulate the economy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic


Spain announces €200 billion relief package against effects of coronavirus

PM Pedro Sánchez calls it "the greatest mobilization of resources in the country’s entire democratic history"


Spain planning on going ahead with ‘Google tax’ despite US tariff threats

The aim is to bring the system “into the 21st century” by imposing a 3% levy on tech giants such as Amazon, but first a government must be formed


Spain warns 90,000 companies about risk of no-deal Brexit

Tax Agency sends letters to businesses with advice on what to do if Britain crashes out of the EU without an agreement


Number of super-rich in Spain grows 74% since reintroduction of wealth tax

Figures show the ultra-wealthy have benefited more from the economic recovery than other citizens


Barça soccer star Piqué ordered to pay €2.1 million in back taxes

Spain’s High Court has rejected an appeal filed by the center-back over earnings from his image rights


Spain’s political deadlock leaves €5 billion in regional funding in the air

The lack of a stable government means the state cannot release the additional money that the regions had promised to spend on public healthcare and education


Wealth map of Spain: These are the country’s richest and poorest areas

Madrid and Barcelona are home to the 10 neighborhoods with the highest annual per capita income


Will Sunday’s elections in Spain trigger a new era of coalitions?

Polls suggest the fragmentation seen at the national vote will extend to the local and regional level, giving added clout to small parties such as far-right group Vox


Spain creates nearly 600,000 jobs in a year, but unemployment rises in first quarter

New data shows jobless rate has inched up to 14.7%, but minister says seasonal factors are to blame


Spanish Tax Agency warns businesses about impact of no-deal Brexit

As the deadline for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU nears, a campaign is underway to inform companies about new paperwork and tariffs


Government presents 2019 budget but cross-party support not guaranteed

The plans would see the biggest rise in spending since 2010, but the weak position of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and instability in Catalonia mean they may not prosper


Spanish Tax Agency keeping tabs on 15,000 taxpayers who use cryptocurrencies

The government has introduced measures in a bid to prevent digital currencies from being used to launder money


Spanish Finance Ministry to introduce digital tax for firms like Airbnb and Uber

The government says it will target online platforms that pay low taxes thanks to a system designed for brick-and-mortar companies


Facebook Spain declares €1m in losses, auditor warns of sanction risk

The EU says it is “losing patience” with the internet giant’s tactics to avoid paying taxes


Nearly half of all flights at Barcelona airport delayed in peak holiday season

Spanish authorities are requesting explanations from Vueling, one of the least punctual airlines in Europe


Riding high on expanding economy, Spain’s Ibex firms hike profits 16% in 2017

Santander, BBVA and other companies increased revenues and reduced debt levels as national output reached 3.1%


Persisting budget impasse forces Madrid to consider Plan B

If all else fails, government could pass a decree by mid-year to get some projects off the ground


Catalan independence crisis delays passage of Spanish 2018 budget

Basque nationalists are withholding necessary support until after October 1 referendum date

Referendum in Catalonia

Catalonia to central government ahead of referendum: No more spending reports

Finance Ministry plans to take direct control of invoice payments in response to latest secessionist challenge


Number of Spain’s super-rich increases by 24% since beginning of the recovery

549 taxpayers declared assets of more than €30 million on controversial wealth tax return


Zara founder’s eldest daughter builds her own real estate empire

Sandra Ortega, Spain’s wealthiest woman, controlled assets worth €541 million at the end of 2016


Spanish Tax Agency launches major raid against Chinese distributors

Agents search dozens of warehouses across country in operation into suspected fraud


Cristiano Ronaldo committed tax evasion, Spanish Tax Agency finds

Inspectors believe Real Madrid star avoided paying more than €8m on income from his image rights


Leading Spanish companies will have to pay back €1 billion in tax breaks

EU tells Madrid policies to encourage firms’ international expansion break competition rules