Will Sunday’s elections in Spain trigger a new era of coalitions?

Polls suggest the fragmentation seen at the national vote will extend to the local and regional level, giving added clout to small parties such as far-right group Vox


Congress suspends deputies on trial for role in Catalan independence drive

The four men, who are currently being held in custody while facing charges for their actions in 2017, will from today no longer be parliamentarians, something that could benefit acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez


Facing depopulation, a Spanish village turns itself into a nursing home

Pescueza, Extremadura came up with a novel way to combat its dwindling community, proving support for the elderly without requiring them to give up their homes


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, May 24, 2019


World leader in dialysis treatments bribed public hospital doctors in Spain

Germany-based Fresenius agrees to pay $231 million settlement in the US to avoid prosecution over corrupt practices in 17 countries