Spain holds ceremony in honor of the victims of the coronavirus pandemic

King Felipe VI presided over the event on Thursday, which also paid tribute to the essential workers on the frontline of the health crisis


Spain’s intelligence service has spyware program that targeted Catalan politicians

Pegasus, supplied by an Israeli company called NSO, is alleged to have been used in an attempt to access the handsets of parliamentary speaker Roger Torrent and deputy Ernest Maragall


Spain’s security council downplayed risk of coronavirus pandemic in early March

The report was ratified by the advisory body 10 days before the implementation of a state of alarm over the spread of Covid-19


Spain to withdraw troops from main Iraqi base this summer

The Defense Ministry is also planning a complete exit from Afghanistan at the end of this year or the beginning of 2021


Spanish prosecutors launch investigation after bodies found inside senior homes

Workers say protocols prohibit them from touching corpses and complain funerary services are taking 24 hours to show up


Spain’s King Felipe VI: “We are going to defeat this crisis”

In a public address on the coronavirus pandemic, the monarch called on Spaniards to remain united and calm as the number of the cases soars to nearly 14,000


Spain’s King Felipe VI renounces father’s inheritance over alleged Swiss bank accounts

Emeritus King Juan Carlos I has also been stripped of annual stipend in bid to distance the reigning monarch from supposed financial irregularities


Donald Trump invites Spanish royals on official visit to the United States

This is the second time King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have been invited to the White House in less than two years, while Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has not yet been extended an invitation


Spain warns Trump that trade hostilities could endanger greater military cooperation

For the first time, Madrid is linking the presence of US troops to retaliation against Spanish companies


King Felipe VI in parliament: “Spain must be for everyone”

In a speech to open the new political term, the monarch calls on parties to restore the people’s trust in the institutions

Spanish royal family

Politicians from all sides of the spectrum respond to King Felipe’s Christmas speech

The anti-austerity Unidas Podemos praised the monarch for softening his tone on the issue of Catalonia, while Catalan and Basque parties criticized the address


US seeking to add two destroyers, 600 extra personnel to Spanish naval base

The plan, which will not be finalized until Spain has a government in place, would see a 50% rise in the number of people stationed in Rota, Cádiz, as well as a reform of the relevant treaty


Secret services warn of risk of jihadist attack against Spaniards in Sahara region

Spanish foreign ministry advises against travel to southwestern Algeria at a time when many people fly there to visit Sahrawi refugees


Spanish king defends democracy and human rights on state visit to Cuba

At a dinner attended by Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel, Felipe VI underscored the need for institutions to respect freedom of expression and of association

Spain’s Royal Family

Spanish royals make first official visit to Cuba

The highly symbolic trip aims to show support for businesses from Spain, and does not constitute official support for the Cuban government

November 10 General Elections

Vox, unchallenged at TV debate, enjoys boost in the polls

The leader of the far-right party, Santiago Abascal, took advantage of the silence of his rivals on Monday night to get his message across to the more than eight million viewers


Sephardic Jews rush to apply for Spanish citizenship before deadline ends

The number of applications soared to 50,000 in September, with as many as 5,000 requests received in one day

Spanish armed forces

Spanish army to investigate soldiers pictured drinking beers while armed

The incident took place at the weekend in the Barcelona municipality of Vilafranca del Penedès. Photos of the men with their machine guns next to them quickly went viral


‘Open Arms’ docks in Italian port of Lampedusa after 20 days at sea

The Spanish rescue ship arrived on the island around midnight following an order from a Sicilian public prosecutor, who called the situation on the vessel “of utmost urgency”


Spain sending Navy ship to collect 100 migrants still on board the ‘Open Arms’

Conditions on the NGO rescue vessel have been worsening, with several immigrants jumping overboard in a bid to swim the 800 meters to the Italian island of Lampedusa


Conditions on Spanish rescue ship ‘Open Arms’ reach crisis level

Four people jumped into the sea and tried to swim to the coast of Italy, which has denied the ship entry even though six EU countries have offered to take in the migrants


Video: Tense incident between Spanish and Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea

Footage shows NATO-led jet closely tagging plane reportedly carrying Russian defense minister


Political instability in Spain takes a toll on global image

A study based on 2017 World Bank figures shows the country has fallen two spots to 27th on the international index


In wake of failed investiture bid, Socialists rule out coalition government

Acting deputy PM Carmen Calvo said the party would not negotiate Cabinet positions with Unidas Podemos after the anti-austerity group abstained from last week’s crucial vote

Spanish politics

Spain’s acting PM accuses center-right of shunning “the wrong party”

At Monday’s investiture debate, Pedro Sánchez argued that the far-right Vox party represents the real threat to Spanish democracy, and not his Socialist group


The day that Trump ignored Spain in mission to stop an Iranian oil tanker

The US partnered with London, not Madrid, to stop a vessel bound for Syria in breach of EU sanctions that passed near Gibraltar in disputed territorial waters


Vox sends out personal insults to Ciudadanos chief via Twitter

The official account for the far-right party posted a message calling Albert Rivera “scared” and “shameless,” and accused him of “kissing [French President Emmanuel] Macron’s ass”