Spain sees new record in migrant arrivals in 2018

Half of all undocumented migrants who made the Mediterranean crossing came to Spanish shores

Gabriel Cruz murder case

Police reexamine death of daughter of Gabriel murder suspect

In a case dating back 22 years, the four-year-old child of Ana Julia Quezada fell out of a window in unexplained circumstances

PM’s chief of staff takes home highest government salary, website reveals

New transparency project lists yearly payments to ministers, secretaries of state and PM


Greenpeace activists injured after navy blocks Canaries oil drilling protest

Young Italian woman suffers broken leg as military boat rams environmentalists’ craft

Speeding likely cause of bus crash that killed 14 in Murcia

Same vehicle suffered non-fatal accident in 2010 and was simply fixed and repainted

Extremadura premier defends himself over 32 publicly paid Canaries trips

“I always went to work honestly,” says PP politician José Antonio Monago


Driven to distraction by the decibels

The Ombudswoman is calling on the government to tackle excessive plane, train and road noise The problem can cause major health issues, but agencies say there are no funds to deal with it


Spain’s beaches: open for business

New legislation gets softer on protecting the shoreline


Growing pains

Young farmers say Spain should be doing more to help develop a sector which is graying critically


Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Agriculturalists and conservationists differ on the foothold the Iberian wolf has on the peninsula No coherent management plan exists to promote coexistence


Finding treasure in the trash

How consumers and supermarkets can help cut down on a waste of resources


Iberian lynx faces new threat as disease decimates rabbit population

33 percent of deaths of the animal are traffic-related, as they are forced to travel in search of prey


Is something murky lurking in Sanabria?

Regional authorities defend good quality of Spain's largest glacial lake Meanwhile, the Civil Guard is investigating sewage dumping


Spaniards urged to throw out less food as part of European war on waste

Country is the sixth-worst culprit in EU for binning foodstuffs


Is Spain ready to bank on nature?

Developers may pay to offset environmental damage by boosting a habitat elsewhere under a new credit system


Residents of affected areas want answers, as seismic activity increases

Locals have no doubt that the Castor gas-storage plant is to blame for tremors Facility sits atop a geological fault


Up against a brick wall

During Spain's decade-long property boom, thousands of buildings were illegally constructed in protected areas Getting them demolished is proving a challenge

utility costs

Consumers opt for bulk energy buys

Some of Spain's electricty users are about to hold an auction with power companies They want to bring down their bills, but will the big players respond?


Why the crisis could be good for nature

Environmentalists wage legal campaign to reverse earmarking of land for building

Why the price of the sun is rising for home electricity producers

The latest energy reform is making self-generation more expensive


Nervous wait for community that revolves around nuclear power

Garoña plant being wound down by owners but government may intervene

Hotel refuses to admit group of guests with Down syndrome

Management of Hotel CaboGata Plaza Suites has issued an apology citing “a misunderstanding”


New Coast Law to help half a million people, says ministry

Over 5,000 beachfront businesses to be saved from threat of closure along with homes built on public land


"We feel tricked" say the small solar power investors facing bankruptcy

Government backtracks on subsidies, leaving 30,000 households with huge loans


New fears for Spain’s shoreline

Amendments planned by the Popular Party government for legislation protecting coastal areas could pave the way for further construction, say environmentalists

PP government paves way for Coast Law amnesty on Spanish shorelines

Beachside property owners must show they are hooked up to public services

atomic energy

Environmentalists fear sinking land under planned nuclear site

Public corporation due to build storage plant admits to the possible existence of "relevant geotechnical risks"