A government held hostage

Italy, lurching from crisis to crisis, cannot afford to keep Berlusconi within its political workings


Caribbean nations study proposal to increase revenue by marketing marijuana

Caricom leaders may begin debating whether to legalize cannabis as early as next year


Race directors call on Pedrosa and Márquez to explain crash

Championship leader describes cable-cutting contact with teammate’s bike as “bad luck”

Delegation allowed into Western Sahara without prior permission for first time

Four Spanish members of parliament fly to disputed territory with Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar


PM challenges Mas to shelve independence and offer “gesture of magnanimity”

Catalan premier responds from Brussels mission: “The magnanimous thing would be to let Catalans vote”


Azahara Muñoz wins Open de France by a single stroke

Málaga golfer has now won three professional titles

Rajoy urges Italy to find quick solution to political crisis

Spanish prime minister voices concerns about the risk of sovereign debt contagion


In aftermath of deadly storms, Mexicans blame authorities for lack of preparation

Government officials claim they alerted six state governors about dangers Last month’s hurricane and tropical storm left 145 dead


Next year’s budget sees public debt matching GDP

Pensioners to receive minimum hike of 0.25 percent set in Popular Party reform Public investment cut once more Royal Household gets less money as government salaries stay frozen

The holes in conservative bigwig Carlos Fabra’s golf club

Former Popular Party baron negotiates sale of a course his father built for golfer Sergio García With its finances in ruins, clubhouse has been mortgaged to Sareb bad bank


What happens to workers when companies decide not to pay?

Baker Panrico's cash is going to its suppliers while its employees are doing without


Up against a brick wall

During Spain's decade-long property boom, thousands of buildings were illegally constructed in protected areas Getting them demolished is proving a challenge


Barcelona joins Balearics to protest against trilingual classes

Unions in island region threaten to stay on strike indefinitely over the promotion of English in teaching model


Battered PP officials gear up for tough EU parliamentary race

Regional party leaders receive orders to re-establish trust after succession of corruption revelations