Judge assigned to Spanish royal trial will run for Congress with Podemos

Anti-austerity party recruits justice Juan Pedro Yllanes, who was due to oversee Nóos case

Animal cruelty

Why killing an animal could now mean serving prison time in Spain

Mallorca man becomes first Spaniard to enter jail for abuse as sentences toughen


Judge sends Mallorca man to jail for killing his own horse after race

The case marks the first time in Spain someone will serve prison time for animal cruelty


Trial involving King Felipe’s sister Cristina to begin January 11

Date set for when royal, her husband and 16 others will sit in dock over Nóos corruption case


Two British bobbies head out on the beat in Magaluf

Two UK officers form part of pilot international scheme policing vacationers in Balearics


Embattled royal couple sells off Barcelona mansion to pay court bond

Cristina de Borbón and Iñaki Urdangarin will also use the €6.9m proceeds to pay off debts


Judge rejects Cristina’s request to reduce €2.69 million liability bond

King Felipe’s sister faces trial on tax evasion charges related to her husband's businesses

Burnt-out passenger ferry to be towed to Valencia port

The Sorrento was carrying 740 tons of fuel, prompting fears of an ecological disaster

Burnt-out ferry in “stable situation” at high sea, with low risk of sinking

The Sorrento, which caught fire on Tuesday, will be towed to a Spanish port for repair

Burnt-out Mallorca ferry may be towed back to port before it sinks

Authorities want to avoid another potential environmental risk after Canaries shipwreck

“The explosions on board sounded like bombs going off”

Passengers from the stricken Balearic ferry recount their traumatic experiences

Ferry Sorrento

Ferry on Mallorca-Valencia route evacuated after fire breaks out

Acciona Trasmediterránea vessel carrying 170 passengers and crew, as well as cargo Three members of crew taken by helicopter for medical treatment after inhaling smoke


Princess Cristina signed papers blindly, claims Nóos case defense

King Felipe’s sister files pre-trial motion rejecting responsibility in running of Aizoon firm


Tunisia terror attack survivor: “I am not going back to African countries”

Passengers of cruise ships in Tunis on day of shooting tell their stories


Ex-PP treasurer claims party financed 2004 European race with secret funds

Luis Bárcenas reveals alleged election crime to judge investigating Palma Arena scandal


Judge rejects Princess Cristina’s attempt to avoid trial for tax fraud

King’s sister had filed appeal to halt proceedings, accusing magistrate of “excesses”

King’s sister to stand trial for tax fraud

Judge makes decision based on evidence of Cristina's involvement in husband’s offenses

Michael Douglas puts €50 million Mallorca mansion up for sale

Hollywood actor purchased property in 1989, but he has to share it with ex-wife


Infanta Cristina hands over €600,000 civil liability bond to Nóos judge

Prosecution requested sum to cover royal’s alleged profiting from husband’s activities


Nóos case prosecutor seeks 18 years for king’s brother-in-law Urdangarin

Anti-corruption attorney's report for judge also asks for Infanta Cristina to be acquitted

Court revokes day release privileges granted to ex-Balearics leader

But disgraced former Popular Party official Jaume Matas will not return to jail immediately


Court maintains Spanish king’s sister Cristina as suspect in tax fraud case

Royal has been under investigation since 2013 in so-called Nóos corruption case Her husband is alleged to have siphoned off public money into personal accounts


Magaluf police implicated in suspected extortion ring

Mallorcan resort famous for “anything goes” approach caught up in trade war between rival bars

Jailed ex-Balearics chief negotiating confession over royal corruption case

Jaume Matas seeks reduction in future convictions in Nóos inquiry and other probes affecting him

Ex-Balearics leader enters prison

Jaume Matas becomes second ex-minister in Spanish democratic history to do jail time


Swiftair: a modest Spanish airline

The Madrid HQ of the owner of the plane that crashed over Mali has become place of mourning

Nóos judge leaves accountant’s confession out of royal corruption inquiry

Official suspect in case involving Princess Cristina refused to clear up own contradictory statements