Swiftair: a modest Spanish airline

The Madrid HQ of the owner of the plane that crashed over Mali has become place of mourning


Spanish-owned plane with more than 110 aboard disappears over Mali

Air Algérie-operated aircraft was flying from Burkina Faso to Algeria when the signal was lost


On the heels of Spain’s illicit shoemakers

Some 100,000 people are thought to be employed illegally in Alicante, the highest of any province A crackdown on clandestine footwear workshops has so far secured 44 closures in the area But as the crisis bites deeper, combating the submerged economy is getting harder

parliamentary privilege

Who judges Spain’s political class?

More than 10,000 politicians and members of the judiciary can only be tried by higher courts The time has come to trim that number back, say critics


Halted Almería tourist complex could yet be completed after court ruling

A symbol of the destruction of Spain’s coast for some, the Algarrobico hotel was set for demolition


“We’ve been viewed as sexless little angels, but that is not the case”

Volunteer sex assistants are helping disabled people who do not wish to be seen as asexual


Thousands join protestors from all over Spain on “Dignity March”

Demonstrators had traveled from their home regions to call for an end to social spending cuts

Mystery of the dead mountaineer

Hikers find skeleton with barely any flesh remaining to aid identification Police say body does not solve any outstanding Madrid murder investigations


The shocking price of Spanish electricity

A decade of poor regulation has sent bills soaring and left growing numbers of families unable to pay


A bitter harvest in Marinaleda

The antics of a crusading mayor of this Andalusian rural utopia have just earned him a jail term


Be careful what you wish for

The Spanish capital is desperate to host the Olympics, but would it benefit the city?


Terminal wars: high cost vs. low cost?

After years in the shade Barcelona's El Prat is catching up with Madrid Barajas New rivalry reflects a change in the airline industry as Vueling threatens Iberia

Work & Retirement

A bitter price to pay for the French grape harvest

Pensioners who did seasonal work abroad have their allocations slashed

Prisoners of good intentions

Three years ago, Spain took in over 700 Cuban refugees in a much-publicized humanitarian action Today, the dissidents are struggling to get by and unable to leave

the sex trade

Prisoners of the brothel

Thousands of women are trafficked into virtual slavery Only a fortunate few manage to find a way back to normal society

Fighting corruption

The lone rangers of justice

Major corruption cases are being handled by judges subject to pressure from the same powers- that-be they are investigating


The justice system time forgot

Judges, prosecutors, lawyers and court secretaries will go on strike on Wednesday They are protesting against the chronic underfunding of what they say is an ailing system


Antiques are out, vintage is in

From the Rastro Sunday flea market to the smart Las Letras neighborhood, tastes in furniture and decoration are changing in the Spanish capital


Destitute women wanting to "work the streets" find world of violent rivals

Crisis has forced many to look to prostitution as means to make ends meet


"We're not scum or slackers. We were middle class before the crisis"

A 70-property residential area in Madrid has been taken over by families affected by the crisis Many pay bills and have tried to offer rent

“My daughter is 13. They aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend”

Worried parents in Madrid plead for their missing teenage child to return

PROFILE - Alberto Casillas, the "hero" of the 29-S protests

The barman who refused to serve the law

The waiter refused to let riot police enter his bar in search of protestors on Tuesday night


The towns that Franco built remain reluctant to extinguish his memory

Villages named for the dictator are resisting calls to erase historic references

A battle over noise pollution being waged in Madrid

Bar owners in the capital feel they are under attack from the council, while many local residents want nothing more than a quiet life


Last train for spy central

Nestled in the mountains close to the French border, Canfranc reeks of Nazi gold and desperate getaways

Lords of the ring road

The 64km cycle route around Madrid offers a chance to discover its outskirts