Average cost of rent in Spain jumps 50% in five years

A new report shows that low-income homes have been hardest hit by the rise, with over 46% of their net income spent on their lease


Brexit: Iberia says it is controlled by El Corte Inglés to prove it is Spanish

The airline, which is owned by IAG, could lose its flying rights in the bloc if there is no deal


International tourist arrivals slowing down in Spain, July figures show

Government says it will seek quality over mass tourism to avoid overcrowded destinations


Food delivery firm Deliveroo facing €1.3m Social Security bill over work contracts

A detailed report covering 2015-2017 concludes that the firm’s employees are not self-employed, given that the company controls all aspects of their activity


Markets tumble and borrowing costs rise as Spain, Italy face crises

Uncertainty over no-confidence vote against Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy sends bond yields up and listed shares down

Retail industry

In a first, Inditex closed more stores than it opened in last quarter of 2017

Parent company of Zara says closures are due to absorption into bigger and newer premises

Gender inequality

The gender no-pay gap: Women in Spain do twice as much unpaid work as men

New study shows females spend 26.5 hours on non-remunerated jobs while males only do 14 hours


Catalan economy already hurt by independence push: Bank of Spain

Spanish GDP grew estimated 0.8% in third quarter but could stagnate if there is more uncertainty in Catalonia, institution warns


July 2017 pulverizes all tourism records in Spain

Country received 10.5 million foreign visitors, more than any other month in history; Catalonia is top destination


Spain’s new real estate boom: the rental market

Monthly prices on new leases rose 20.9% on average over the last year, says industry leader Idealista


Claims lawyers see lucrative market in Popular’s disgruntled shareholders

Investors who lost everything in the Santander takeover may be the next big thing for law firms

Tourism and travel

Record-breaking Easter boosts hopes for summer tourism bonanza in Spain

Public Works Ministry says hotel occupancy rates up 10% on 2016 figures, aided by good weather


Spain retains crown as world’s most competitive tourism industry

WEF report highlights good infrastructure, high security levels and rich cultural resources


Inditex sales jump 11% in first nine months of 2016 as profits surge

Zara owners also note 16% growth since November 1 as Christmas campaign gets underway


Spain’s Inditex sees 41% increase in Irish unit’s online sales

ITX Fashion Limited manages internet business in the United States, Japan and Canada


Spain’s retail sector sets its sights on another record Black Friday

Companies are stockpiling ahead of the starting pistol for the Christmas shopping season


Blame it on the sunshine: Spain breaks summer tourism records

Brits don’t appear to be staying away because of Brexit but number of business trips down


Red tape delays opening of second Costco store in Madrid

But US retailer remains bullish about growth prospects in Spain, with more sites planned for near future


Who is the wealthiest man in the world, Amancio Ortega or Bill Gates?

The fortunes of Zara and Microsoft founders fluctuate hourly, mirroring their shares’ market performance


July shatters tourism records in Spain

There were 9.6 million visitors last month, beating previous all-time high set in August 2015


Despite devalued post-Brexit pound, British visitor numbers to Spanish hotels up 15%

Hotels enjoy bumper July, having put prices up more than 6% from last year


Spanish economy set to grow 3.1% this year, but will fall to 2.3% in 2017

BBVA bank blames Brexit fallout and uncertainty over polices for slowdown next year


Spain’s housing market continues to show steady signs of recovery

There was a three-year sales high in June, with almost 40,000 residential properties changing hands


Spanish stock market sustains historical loss on Brexit news

Spain’s risk premium rises on Friday while experts warn about the mid-term effects of Leave


For a third of Spanish households, a pension is the sole source of income

Latest National Statistics Institute report shows immigrant families’ income below national average


Spain’s tourism sector braces itself for a sixth record year

Likely arrival of 70 million people this summer will boost growth across many areas of the economy