Spanish job market rebounds in November with help from furlough scheme

The number of contributors to the Social Security system is above 19 million for the first time since March, but employment retention programs are playing a role


Spain’s Labor Inspectorate forces Amazon to give 4,000 false freelancers work contracts

The online retail giant will also have to pay €6.16 million in Social Security contributions that were not paid while the staff were providing delivery services to the multinational


Spain planning change in Social Security contributions for freelancers

The self-employed could soon pay according to their real income, rather than a fixed monthly amount regardless of how much they make


Spain extends ERTE furlough scheme until January 31

The deal, which has received the green light from unions and employers, also includes new support for self-employed workers affected by the coronavirus crisis


Spanish Supreme Court rules food-delivery riders are employees, not self-employed

The decision could have far-reaching consequences for businesses in the so-called gig economy


Spanish government preparing special unemployment payment that would benefit 550,000 jobseekers

Labor ministry, unions and business associations negotiating a €430 monthly benefit and seeking ways to improve the conditions of the furlough scheme for part-time workers


Spain reports over one million job losses during coronavirus crisis

A quarterly fall of this scale was not even recorded during the worst months of the 2008 global recession


Flexible schedules and covered expenses: Spain drafts bill protecting the rights of remote workers

The initiative comes after thousands of employees were forced to work from home during the three-month coronavirus lockdown


Employment in Spain grows for the first time during Covid-19 pandemic

But despite help from the ERTE furloughing scheme, the labor market has lost 760,000 jobs since the beginning of the crisis


Spain approves guaranteed minimum income scheme for vulnerable families

Here is an overview of who will be eligible for the program, how it will be managed and how it will be funded


Spain releases €30.5 billion to relieve strained social security system

This is the second time that the government has allocated money to make up for the drop in contributions caused by the coronavirus crisis


Spain’s guaranteed minimum income scheme set to assist 850,000 families

The measure is due to be approved by the government this week, and is aimed at helping 2.3 million at risk of poverty at a cost of €3 billion

Confusion reigns in Spain over deal with Basque party to repeal labor reform

The agreement with EH Bildu, which was announced late last night to the surprise of other groups, was subject to a late-night “rectification” by the Socialist Party


April jobless claims surge in Spain due to coronavirus effects

Although this is normally a good time of the year for the labor market, registered unemployment grew by 282,891 after posting similar figures in March


Coronavirus crisis compounds Spanish job market woes

While the first quarter of the year is never good, temporary layoffs and confinement have made things harder for workers and job seekers alike


Spain’s guaranteed minimum income scheme will come with €5.5bn price tag

The coalition government is finalizing its plans for the system, which will be introduced in May and will benefit households in poverty


Spain’s public employment services swamped by millions of coronavirus-related jobless claims

Agencies have increased staff to process filings tied to temporary layoff schemes in a bid to start paying benefits by early May


Coronavirus crisis brings worst March on record for Spain’s labor market

Jobless claims surged by 302,000 people and social security affiliations slumped by nearly 900,000


Spain prepares fresh economic relief for the self-employed

With the economy in slow motion, small entrepreneurs may soon benefit from extended deadlines on social security payment obligations


Opposition Popular Party backs stricter lockdown, but slams government “improvisation”

Spain’s biggest labor unions also support the move, but businesses warn of “negative impact” on companies


Spain announces €200 billion relief package against effects of coronavirus

PM Pedro Sánchez calls it "the greatest mobilization of resources in the country’s entire democratic history"


Spain’s PM pledges millions of euros in relief for coronavirus emergency

Pedro Sánchez recommends remote working and the closure of schools across the country, not just in high-transmission areas

International Women’s Day

Women’s Day marches in Spain attract mass numbers despite coronavirus fears

Although turnout was lower than previous years, tens of thousands of people across the country took to the street to protest for greater gender equality


Sluggish January sees 244,000 jobs destroyed in Spain

Registered unemployment rose by 90,248 from December, making this the worst month of January since 2014

Job market

September job creation in Spain falls to lowest level since 2013

While employment is growing in aggregate terms, there is a lot of instability due to the high number of temporary positions


Employment in Spain inching close to a historical high

But many of the new contracts are temporary while permanent ones continued to fall as part of an ongoing trend in 2019


Why Spanish employees may have to start clocking in and out once more

From today, a new law will force all companies in Spain to track the number of hours their employees work, in a bid to clamp down on the widespread practice of unpaid overtime