Spain seeking to boost international image amid coronavirus crisis

The Foreign Ministry wants to use the country’s diversity as a selling point to improve its global reputation, which has been damaged by the pandemic


Spain planning change in Social Security contributions for freelancers

The self-employed could soon pay according to their real income, rather than a fixed monthly amount regardless of how much they make


More than 5.2 million Spaniards are now under coronavirus mobility restrictions

Experts warn that the public should expect a cycle of these confinements, and that infection rates will remain high unless there is a repeat of March’s strict lockdown


Health Ministry voices doubts about improved coronavirus data from Madrid

The number of confirmed infections in Spain now exceeds 800,000, while 139 new fatalities have been added to the total since Friday


Spanish ultrarunner Kilian Jornet takes on race against climate change

Known for his climbing feats, the elite athlete has started a foundation to protect mountain environments and pledged to restrict his own travel to reduce his carbon footprint


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 6, 2020