Spain reports nearly 1,000 new daily Covid-19 cases

As the country grapples with a surge in infections, authorities have requested financial assistance from a EU loan program to soften the effects of coronavirus on employment


Spain’s economy posts historic 18.5% quarterly fall due to coronavirus lockdown

New data shows that output has fallen to levels not seen since the late 19th and early 20th centuries


Spain reports over one million job losses during coronavirus crisis

A quarterly fall of this scale was not even recorded during the worst months of the 2008 global recession


UK’s new quarantine rule spells disaster for Spanish travel industry

The tour operator TUI has canceled all flights from Britain to mainland Spain until August 9, putting more pressure on a sector that continues to struggle from impact of the coronavirus crisis


Selling the jewelry: the last resort of cash-strapped Spaniards

The coronavirus crisis has forced customers back to cash-for-gold stores at a time when the precious metal has hit a price of $1,800 an ounce, the highest since 2012


Spain’s Canary Islands feeling the absence of foreign tourists

Businesses are having a tough time getting the summer season back on track due to fears of flying amid the Covid-19 crisis


Catalan growers torn between fear of Covid-19 and the need to bring in the harvest

Parts of Lleida province are preparing to receive seasonal workers, but there are concerns their arrival could lead to new coronavirus outbreaks


Spanish Congress approves new proposals for coronavirus recovery effort

The lower house voted in favor of three documents regarding the European Union, healthcare and the economy, but did not pass one on social policies


EU deal may help Spain pass budget, but limit labor reform

All parties hailed the €140 billion allocation to help fight the effects of the coronavirus, but the money comes with conditions that could cause friction between the coalition partners


Spain to get €140 billion from historic EU coronavirus recovery fund

The country becomes the second biggest recipient of aid after Italy, and €72.2 billion will take the form of grants that do not have to be repaid


EU recovery fund conditions could hinder labor law changes in Spain

If so-called "frugal" countries impose their demands for releasing Covid-19 grants, the Spanish executive may have to delay plans for revising 2012 reform that made it cheaper to fire employees


Coronavirus concerns fuel motorhome boom in Spain

Sales and rentals of RVs are rising as people seek a more socially isolated way to spend their summer vacation


Mar Menor’s deserted summer scene: ‘Not even those who own a house here have come’

Water pollution and coronavirus fears are prompting visitors to bypass this once-popular saltwater lagoon on the Spanish Mediterranean


Welcomed and feared: How tourists in Spain are being received amid the coronavirus crisis

EL PAÍS travels to two vacation destinations to see how locals feel about the arrival of visitors for the summer season as the risk of Covid-19 persists


Spain’s nominee loses Eurogroup presidency in surprise defeat

Nadia Calviño was backed by Germany, France and Italy, and the reversal weakens the Spanish position ahead of a key summit on an EU coronavirus recovery fund


As the weather gets hotter, Spain’s remote workers move to the beach

With the coronavirus crisis keeping employees out of the office, many are escaping the heat in second residences on the coast and in the mountains


Italian and Spanish PMs meet in Madrid ahead of EU recovery fund summit

The two countries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic have a shared interest in overcoming resistance by member states who want to hand out loans rather than grants


Spanish tourism industry feeling the loss of high-rolling visitors

The restrictions on travel into the EU have taken a toll on Madrid, Barcelona and Costa del Sol, which are popular with tourists from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil and the US


Brussels forecasts a 10.9% contraction of Spanish economy in 2020

This is more than the 9.4% decline predicted in the spring, and it creates a wider gap between Spain and the euro zone


Government, unions and business leaders sign deal to reactivate Spanish economy

The Cabinet today approved a number of measures, aimed at assisting ailing sectors such as the tourism and automotive industries, and financing the digital transformation of firms


Fiscal reforms and hikes on highest rates of income tax ‘inevitable,’ says Spanish prime minister

Speaking in a television interview, Pedro Sánchez insisted that his government would see out its four-year term, saying that ‘the coalition is stronger than ever’


No international visitors and zero spending: Spain records another dismal month for tourism in May

The coronavirus crisis continues to take a toll on the industry which faces an increasingly uncertain future despite the reopening of borders


Unemployment rose by 5,100 people in June, traditionally a good month for the Spanish job market

Around 1.6 million workers in Spain have come off the government's ERTE furlough schemes, according to Labor Ministry figures


Bank of Spain eyes tax hikes to offset soaring debt from Covid-19 crisis

Central bank announces its medium-term plan for an economy that contracted 5.2% in the first quarter due to the lockdown


Barcelona’s post-Covid club scene: Empty dance floors and face masks

Nightlife is returning to the Catalan city but with strict safety and hygiene measures in place to minimize the risk of coronavirus contagion


Spain to close half its coal-fired power stations

The country is on track to becoming one of the world's fastest decarbonizing nations


A Spanish bar becomes popular with African workers, and the locals walk away

The owner of Racó de la Vero, in the Catalan village of Alcarràs, has been dealing with negative attitudes ever since she started serving dishes that seasonal fruit laborers can afford