Costa Rica court releases suspect accused of killing Spanish tourist

Arantxa Gutiérrez was strangled after being attacked near the beach at popular island of Tortuguero

Latin America

Thirteen drown in Nicaragua after boat captain ignores weather warning

Tourists were coming back from a beach outing when they ran into rough waters

Latin America

Cuban refugees stranded in Costa Rica begin their journey to US

First group of 180 migrants fly to El Salvador to embark on a long trek to the north


In one of the world’s most violent areas, soccer can be a deadly game

More than 20 professional players have been victims of shootings across Latin America

Latin America

Costa Rica’s hero against sex harassment dies from stab wounds

Cruz was attacked after he posted a video of man filming up a woman’s skirt

Latin America

Costa Rica struggling to deal with Cuban migrant crisis

Nicaragua keeping hundreds from crossing border and continuing their journey to US

Latin America

Growing drug violence in Costa Rica stokes alarm among authorities

The number of trafficking-related murders has shot up in the once-safe country

Latin America

Costa Rica’s unlikely hero against sexual harassment on the streets

22-year-old who posted video of man filming beneath woman’s skirt now fighting for his life

Latin America

Costa Rica catches “drug pigeon” flying cocaine into prison

The homing bird had 14 grams of the drug, plus a quantity of marijuana, tied to its breast

Latin America

Outrage in Costa Rica over acquittals in ecologist’s murder trial

Judge describes investigation carried out by police and prosecutors as “irresponsible”


Raúl Castro urges Obama to make up for the “human cost” of the embargo

Cuban leader shares his conditions for normalizing relations with the US


Navas: a national treasure traded for 100 soccer balls

The Costa Rican goalkeeper has arrived in the elite 11 years after he was sold at a bargain price


The happiest Sunday in Costa Rica

The country is celebrating like never before after qualifying for the World Cup quarterfinals in Brazil

latin america

Costa Ricans vote overwhelmingly for liberal party candidate

Voters punish outgoing President Chinchilla for her economic policies

latin america

Moscow to protest Costa Rica’s extradition of Russian national to US

Maxim Chukharev is wanted as a suspect in $6 billion Liberty Reserve laundering case


Costa Rica’s ruling party candidate withdraws from runoff

Araya said he was being “realistic” about the poor showings in the polls


Hawksbill turtles snap back from extinction

Marine biologists report growing numbers of nests along Central America’s Pacific coast

Latin America

Costa Ricans say “no” to a leftist presidential candidate

A centrist and center-right contender will face each other in April runoff


China wants to widen investment strategies with Latin America

Trade between region and Asian giant multiplied by 21 in the past 12 years

Gay Costa Rican lawmaker leads the fight for approval of same-sex unions

Religious groups bitterly oppose the five measures before the Legislative Assembly “Each nation has its own timetable,” says President Laura Chinchilla

Costa Rica under pressure to solve ecologist’s murder

Turtle defender had denounced police negligence after death threats