Bodies of two women missing in Cuenca found covered in quicklime

Authorities issue international arrest warrant for ex-boyfriend of one of the pair

Latin America

Texas killer who battled his own lawyers to be executed gets his wish

Daniel López fought to be given lethal injection rather than linger on death row for decades


The Perseids 2015: summer meteor shower at its peak this week

There’s still time to catch a glimpse of the shooting star phenomenon over the coming days

Spanish fire chief dismissed for using departmental truck to fill his pool

Ex-department head in Ronda, Málaga, says vehicle was leaking and needed to be emptied

Latin America

Costa Rica catches “drug pigeon” flying cocaine into prison

The homing bird had 14 grams of the drug, plus a quantity of marijuana, tied to its breast


Eight hot spots for a vacation fling

From Madrid to Brazil, the places where you’re most likely to find romance this summer

Bungee jumping tragedy

Tour firm that organized Dutch teen’s fatal bungee jump faces legal action

Cantabria highway authority mulls fining Aqua 21 for using road bridge for “banned” activity