Spaniard wins European Inventor Award for work on satellite navigation

José Ángel Ávila and team recognized for work on European rival to US GPS system


Tesla electric cars: soon to be seen on Spanish roads

Pioneer now working on network of superchargers to allow long-distance driving


Spanish engineers find Tinder flaw that reveals users’ location

The error meant that anyone a user ‘matched’ with could see the coordinates of where they were


Spain’s Iberian Imperial Eagle population soars to historic heights in Doñana

After years on the brink of extinction, this rare bird is reaching numbers not seen for 30 years in the Andalusian National Park


Spain embraces Black Friday

Stores sign up en masse for US-imported sale day, though its business impact is still unclear


“The filth is awful” – Complaints grow over cleanliness of Madrid’s streets

Residents and businesses bemoan the amount of garbage accumulating in the capital


Residents of luxury Madrid estate halt construction of McDonald’s

Protestors in exclusive area of Pozuelo say license for restaurant was unlawfully awarded

Bungee jumping tragedy

Tour firm that organized Dutch teen’s fatal bungee jump faces legal action

Cantabria highway authority mulls fining Aqua 21 for using road bridge for “banned” activity

Bungee jumping tragedy

Dutch teen killed in bungee accident misunderstood verbal instructions

Sources believe that 17-year-old mistook monitor saying “no jump” for “now jump”


Madrid’s oldest coffeehouse, Café Comercial, closes down after 128 years

Owners have not given any concrete reasons for the closure of the legendary establishment

Mold damages 1,000 books at Madrid historical library

Infestation resulted after heavy rain caused flooding at Conde Duque Cultural Center